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Kit car discussion groups and forums

Welcome to the Kit Car Links listings for discussion forums.

These are often a great source of information for enthusiasts and a way of keeping up to date with news and events.

The websites listed here are by and large standalone forums, some of them containing posts on general kit car topics. Others are for specific makes or types of vehicle.

There are many more forums out there - many of them contained within the pages of kit car club websites.

kit car discussion groups and forums:

Attack Forums - for the K1 Attack

Ford RS200 Replica Forums - for RS200 lookalike enthusiasts - big discussion forum for original and replica GT40s - talk for replica and original Hummer enthusiasts

Mad Mechanics - general kit car discussion forum, mainly from USA

Pembleton Owners and Builders Forum - for fans of the traditionally styled Pembleton kit cars

Pistonheads Gassing Station - Kit Cars - general kit car discussion, mainly from UK and Europe

Spartan Owners Forum - for fans of the traditionally styled Spartan roadster

Ultima Chat - discussion forum for Ultima enthusiasts