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Welcome to the links to websites for kit car club websites in Europe.

Europe has many followers of kit cars.

There are a number of very active kit car communities across the continent - organising meetings and enjoying dozens of different types of kit car.

This page contains links to a number of websites from enthusiasts of specific types of vehicles, cars from a single manufacturer and also general clubs for a wide variety of kit cars.

kit car club websites:

2CV Kitcarclub - for largely Dutch speaking 2CV based kit car enthusiasts

De Nederlandse Algemene Kitcarclub - multi-marque club in the Netherlands - beach buggy club based in Sweden

Buggy Boys Belgium - Belgian beach buggy club

Buggy Boyz aus Wuppertal - German beach buggy club

Buggy Club Siegerland - German beach buggy club

Buggy Club in Süddeutschland e.v. - beach buggy club in southern Germany

Buggy Club Schweiz - Swiss beach buggy club

Buggy Freunde Schleswig-Holstein - beach buggy club in Germany

Club Automobile Martin - French kit car club including Martin vehicles

Cobra Club Belgium - Belgian Cobra club

Cobra Club Nederland - for Dutch Cobra fans

Cobra IG Deutschland - German Cobra club

Cobra Replica Owners Club ry - replica Cobra club in Finland

Cobra Replica Owners Club Sweden - replica Cobra club in Sweden

Donkervoort Touring Club - club for Donkervoort vehicles

Dutch Spartan Owners Club - for Spartan drivers in Netherlands and Belgium

German Dutton Club - for Dutton owners but also welcomes other kit cars

Irish Kit Car Club - multi-marque club for kit car enthusiasts in Ireland

Le Patron Drivers Association - for the 2CV based Le Patron kit car - German Lomax club

Lotus Seven Club Sweden - for Caterham and Lotus Seven fans

Lotus Seven Owners Switzerland - for Swiss Seven fans

Low Budget Club - VW based buggy and kit car club

Magyar Kit Car Klub - Hungarian Kit Car Club Association

Seven Club - Czech club for Seven inspired kit cars

Super Seven Club Nederland - for Dutch enthusiasts of Sevens and Seven inspired kits