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Welcome to the links to websites for kit car enthusiasts' homepages in Europe.

Here you will find links to lots of great homepages from kit car builders and drivers across Europe.

Many of them feature highly-detailed build diaries. Reading build diaries is one of the best ways you can find out about the ins-and-outs of putting together a kit car.

Other sites feature kit cars that the owners have bought used or built by manufacturers.

kit car enthusiasts' websites:

Seven and Seven inspired cars:

Dax Rush Cosworth - detailed Dax Rush build website

Erik's Super Seven Pages - lots of Seven related info from Swedish enthusiast

Esther - story of a Swedish Seven inspired racing car

Luca Super 7 - Dutch Caterham Seven site including racing info

Mhor Rush - lots of info about a Dutch enthusiast's Seven inspired car

Rick's Rush - detailed site about a Dax Rush

Roland's SEiGHT - enthusiast's Westfield SEiGHT website

Se7en Days - dedicated to a Seven festival in Finland

Seven World - Dutch enthusiast's guide to all things Seven - Swedish Tiger builder's website

Citroen based kits and three-wheelers:

Bjorn's Burton Site - story of two Burton 2CV based kit car builds

De Geboorte Van Een Burton - Burton build website

From Duck to Burton - Burton photo build website

Hoffmann 2CV Van Wout - Hoffmann Cabrio picture build website

JZR Threewheeler - site about JZR and other trikes

Le Patron: The Quality Kit From the Netherlands - Le Patron build website

Logbook Van Een Burton - Burton kit car build

My Burton - German enthusiast's detailed Burton website

Passe's Burton Universum - Burton builder's website

Super Lomax 424 - Citroen Ami based Lomax build

Sweetwood's Site - shows a Lomax 223 rebuild

Wolfgang Gröbner's Homepage - lots of car stuff including Lomax and Citroen cabrio builds


The AC Cobra Page - Dutch site dedicated to AC Cobras and kit car derivatives

Beach Buggies: 

Beach Buggy Made In Sweden - Härdplast Teknik beach buggy website - Austrian beach buggy website


Classic Speedster - site dedicated to original and replica Porsche Speedsters - tribute website to the Sienna Lamborghini Countach replica


Dutton & Other Kitcars - big resource dedicated to Duttons - shows a restored VW based FT Bonito

Frankie's Dutton Historic Car - Dutton Melos enthusiast site

GTM Spyder - Dutch GTM Spyder enthusiast website

Hathaway Hunter - lots of info about this traditional roadster now on road in Netherlands - enthusiast site that celebrates the Midas range of kit cars

Peter's Bikes and Cars - German enthusiast's site with pics of wide range of kits including Raffo Belva

Rob & Anja's JBA Falcon - Dutch couple's JBA Falcon website

Royale Sabre Kit Car Building Story - build website for a traditionally-styled Royale Sabre