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Welcome to the links to websites for kit car manufacturers in Europe.

Kit cars are popular in many countries across Europe.

There are manufacturers in many locations, producing a variety of vehicles.

These include traditional replicas, Lotus Seven inspired cars and fun cars.

Many of the sites featured here include resources such as builders' forums, manuals and specification sheets.

Kit Car Manufacturers Europe

Czech Republic

Kaipan - roadsters including Lotus Seven inspired kits


Kit & Buggy Service - VW buggy and Porsche Speedster replica


RaceTech - ESTfield Seven inspired kit

Rexer - R-12 Cobra replica


Hoffmann Design - range of Citroen 2CV based kit cars

RCB - Lotus Seven inspired kits

Rudolph - range of classic replicas

Rush - Lotus Seven inspired kits

VM - Lotus Seven inspired kits


Autotuning - range of classic replicas


Burton - Citroen 2CV based traditionally styled roadster

Cygnus - Citroen 2CV based traditionally styled roadster

Le Patron - Citroen 2CV based three and four wheelers

Reho Engineering - 550 Porsche replicas


Easer - trad limos, Merc replicas and Cobra kits

Moto Plast - Porsche 356 replica and Fiat 126 based buggy


Luso - range of sports cars including track day and Seven inspired


Fabricación Europea de Automóviles - Morgan trike inspired kits

Iguana Kits - range of Renault 4 based kits


Dala - Volvo based Dala 7

Pagano - Ferrari 500 Mondial replicas


HS Replica Cars - Cobra replicas