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Welcome to the new sites page - here you will find links to all the latest websites listed at Kit Car Links. Visit the links index page to see thousands more links. Kit Car Links has links to hundreds of kit car manufacturers worldwide. And this site has details of websites from enthusiasts, build up firms, dealers and kit car clubs.

Latest websites listed on Kit Car Links:

FourWD Engineering UK manufacturer of the NCF range of off-road kit cars including the Arctic and Sahara.

Ewens Sports Cars UK manufacturer of a Lotus Seven inspired kit based on Mazda MX-5 donor parts.

Creative SportsCars UK manufacturer of the Venom S - based on Jaguar S-Type donors

AIB Insurance UK specialist insurance company which has a section devoted to kit cars.

Bertini BMW Z3 based body conversion kit. Site has details of options and build process.

Rexer Estonian manufacturer of the R-12 Cobra replica. Site has details of various kit options.

Lucra USA manufacturer of LC range of V8 powered lightweight sports cars for road or track.

Beck 904 Porsche 904 replicas manufactured by Chuck Beck.

Healy Designs UK manufacturer of the Healy Enigma, a Mazda MX-5 based sports car with Austin Healey influenced styling.

London Cobra Show Annual get together for Cobra enthusiasts organised by the Ohio Cobra Club

Enigma Cars USA USA website for the Healy Enigma - a Mazda based car with Austin Healey inspired design.

Rock West Racing Manufacturer of a range of classic Porsche replicas, including an electric Speedster.