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Welcome to the links to websites for kit car manufacturers for the Rest of the World.

This section includes links to kit car makers in countries outside the UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

A number of nations have active kit car industries.

Brazil is home to a selection of beach buggy and replica kit car manufacturers.

Australia and New Zealand both have numerous kit car manufacturers, producing a range of replicas, Lotus Seven inspired cars and Cobra lookalikes.

Many of these cars use donor vehicles that can be easily sourced locally - such as VW Beetles in Brazil.


Australian Kit Car - hot rods

Birkin Sportscars - Australia - Birkin S3

Classic Revival - classic replicas - Cobra, GTO, Can-Am

DRB Sports Cars - Cobra and GT40 replicas

Edge Products - off-road buggy kits and plans

G-Force Sports Cars - Cobra replica

Nota Sports and Racing Cars - Sportsman clubman racer and other race cars

PRB Australia - Widebody Lotus Seven inspired car

Roaring Forties - GT40 replicas

Sharpbuilt - dune buggies

Tri Pod Cars - Tri Pod 1 reverse trike

Westfield Sportscars Australia - Westfield SE range


Baby Buggy - beach buggies

BRM Buggies - beach buggies

Fibravan - beach buggy

WW Trevis - classic replicas

New Zealand

Almac - range of sportscars including clubman, Cobra replica, Locost parts and Sabre

Alternative Cars - MG T series replicas

Chevron Sports Cars - sports cars including Seven inspired kits

Exocet Cars - manufactures the MEV Exocet in New Zealand

Fraser Cars - Fraser Clubman

McGregor Motorsport - Mach 7 - Seven inspired kit car

South Africa

Superformance - Cobra, GT40 and Corvette replicas