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Welcome to the links to websites for kit car club websites in the United Kingdom.

The UK has the highest number of kit car clubs anywhere in the world. Many are national groups dedicated to a particular make or model of car. Of these, a number have regional sections - making it easier for people to meet up with like minded kit car enthusiasts. There are also a number of multi-marque or general kit car clubs and quite a few of these are located in specific geographic regions. Club websites are one of the best resources to use for kit car builders and drivers. Many of them have active discussion forums, hints and tips sections - and details of meetings and events. Others have cars for sale and advice on building the cars.

kit car club websites:

750 Motor Club - motorsport club which stages kit car race series

Aeon Owners Club - for enthusiasts of Aeon and Blaze models

Apple County Kit Car Club - West Country kit car club

Banham Sprint Builders - online discussion for Banham Sprint builders

Banham Spyder Builders - online discussion for Banham Spyder builders

Beauford Owners Club - for fans of the Beauford Tourer

Blitz North East - NCF Blitz club for north-east England

Bristol Kit Car Club - for kit car fans in and around Bristol

Buggy Club UK - beach buggy club

Burlington Cars Yahoo Group - Yahoo site for Burlington enthusiasts

The Burlington Register - records all Burlington kit cars out there

Carlton Owners Club - for fans of the Carlton Carrera, Commando and Acer kit cars

Challenger Owners Club - Jaguar E-Type replica club

Chiltern 7s - group for Seven inspired followers in Oxfordshire area

Citroen Specials Club - club for Citroen based kit cars

Clan Owners Club - club for Clan Crusader and derivatives

Cleveland Kit Car & Specials Owners Club - multi-marque club in north-east England

Club Lotus - for authentic Lotus cars

Covin Technical - for Covin Porsche replica enthusiasts

Dakar 4x4 Owners Club - club dedicated to Dakar 4x4 vehicles

New Davrian Register - celebrates Davrian and Darrian cars

Dax Sporting Club - club for followers of Dax vehicles

Daytona Replica Club - Ferrari Daytona replica kit car club

Die Deutschen Klassiker - classic Porsche club including replicas

Dutton Owners Club - club for the Dutton range of kit cars

Eagle Owners Club - for enthusiasts of the Eagle range

East Anglian Kit Car Club - multi-marque club in East Anglia

East Anglian Tiger Owners Club - for Tiger and ERA enthusiasts

Extreme Owners Club - for enthusiasts of the Extreme range of cars

Fugitive Owners Club - UVA Fugitive kit car club

Gentry Register - for Gentry enthusiasts

Gilbern Owners Club - club for the classic Gilbern kit car range

Ginetta Owners Club - for Ginetta enthusiasts

GT40 Enthusiasts Club - for GT40 replica kit cars and original Fords

GTM Owners Club - site for GTM followers

Hawke Owners Club - for the Morgan-inspired Hawke kit car

Hensen Owners Club - for the rare Hensen M30

Italian Replica Car Club - covers replicas such as Ferrari and Lambo lookalikes

Jeremy Phillips Sports Car Club - for fans of Sylva and other cars designed by Jeremy Phillips

Jago Owners Club - for Jago enthusiasts

Jaguar Enthusiasts Club - club is open to Jaguar replicas and Jag powered kits

JBA Owners Club - for the JBA range of cars including Falcon

Kent Kit Car Club - multi-marque club in Kent

Latham Sports Register - for the rare Latham F2 Super Sports

Locost Builders - Locost discussion forum

Locust Enthusiasts Club - for the Locust Seven inspired kit car

Lotus Seven Club - for authentic Lotus and Caterham Sevens

Lotus 7 Register - for 1957 to 1973 Series 1 to 4 Lotus Sevens

Marches Car Club - welcomes kit car owners in Herefordshire region

Marlin Owners Club - for the Marlin range of cars past and present

McCoy Owners Club - for the Mini based McCoy kit car

MEV Owners Group - kit car club for MEV enthusiasts

Minari Owners Register - club for the Alfa based Minari kit car

Mini Marcos Owners Club - covers Mini Marcos, Mini Jem and Kingfisher Sprint

Mongrels Car Club, Lincoln - multi-marque kit car club in Lincoln

Mosquito & Triad Register - caters for Mosquito three wheelers and derivatives

Muddy Buggies - for off-road buggy enthusiasts

NG Owners Club - club for the longstanding NG kit car range

nise7ens - Northern Ireland based club specialising in Seven inspired kits

North East Kit Car Club - multi-marque club in north east England

Northern Duttoneers - group of Dutton owners in north of England

Nostalgia Sports Car Club - for fans of Nostalgia Jaguar XK replica kit cars

Pembleton Enthusiasts - for Pembleton fans

Quantum Owners Club - club for Quantum enthusiasts

Rickman Cars Owners Club - for Rickman Ranger and Metisse kit cars

Robin Hood Owners Club and Register - for all Robin Hood kit car fans

Ronart Drivers Club - for Ronart performance car enthusiasts

Scamp Owners Club - for Moke inspired Scamp kit car fans

Scottish Kit Car Club - multi-marque club for Scottish kit cars

Sebring Owners Club - club for the Austin Healey inspired kit cars

Se7ens Mailing List - mailing list for fans of Sevens

SG7's Kit Car Club - Hertfordshire based kit car club

Shropshire Alternative Car Club - welcomes kit car enthusiasts in Shropshire

Southern Dune Buggy Club - for Surrey and London beach / duney buggy fans

South Wales Kit Car Club - for kit car fans in south Wales

South West Tiger Owners Club - Tiger club for south west England and Wales

Spartan Owners Club - club for Spartan roadster kit car

Stratos Enthusiasts Club - for original and replica Lancia Stratos enthusiasts

Suffolk Coastal Kit Car Club - multi-marque Suffolk kit car club

Sussex Kit Car Club - kit car club in county of Sussex

Southern Kit Car Club - south east England kit car club

Sussex Westfields - for Westfield owners in Sussex

Teal Cars - with details of the Teal Owners' Club

Team GTM - GTM enthusiast group

Tiger Owners Club - for fans of the Tiger and ERA range of kit cars

Torque Cars - online tuning and car performance club

Warwickshire 7s - for Caterham and Lotus Seven drivers in Warwickshire

Westfield Sports Car Club - club for the Westfield range of kit cars

Westfield Sports Car Club - Black Country Region - Westfields in the Black Country

Westfield Sports Car Club - Derby and Notts - Westfield kit cars in Derby and Nottinghamshire

Westfield Sports Car Club - Surrey - Westfield kit cars in Surrey

Westfield Sports Car Club - Thames Valley - for Westfield fans in Thames valley region

Wildcat Owners Club - for JPR Wildcat Jaguar E-Type kit car replica enthusiasts