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Welcome to the links to websites for kit car enthusiasts' homepages in the United Kingdom.

This is a very large section - with scores of websites that feature dozens of different types of kit car.

The UK is home to thousands of kit car builders. Many of these post detailed build diaries - a great source of information for anyone looking to build a similar kit car.

Others show pictures and videos of their cars on the road.

Links here are split in to categories according to the make or type of vehicle concerned.

Replicas - Extreme replica Ferrari 360 build website

GT40 Sports Cars - replica and original Ford GT40 resource

My Spyder Home Page - Porsche Spyder replica build diary

Porsche 356 Convertible D - Porsche 356 replica build website

Ricola Racing - Porsche Speedster and other kits including Phantom GTR

RS60 Spyder - GP Spyder Porsche Spyder replica build website - big Lamborghini replica kit car resource site


Building a Dream - details of a Dax Tojeiro Cobra replica build

Cobra 427 Replica Build Site - lots of info about a Crendon replica Cobra kit car

Cobra Build Project - Pilgrim Sumo V8 build website

My Cobra Homepage - V12 Dax Tojeiro build site

My Dax Cobra Website - Dax Cobra replica build diary - detailed Pilgrim Sumo build diary

Tony Breski's AC Cobra Build Diary - Pilgrim Sumo build diary


Brewer's Hit Kit - Auto Express reporter Mike Brewer's MEV Rocket - includes MEV tR1ke build project

MEV Rocket (Kit Car) - lots of pics and info about MEV Rocket build

MEV Rocket - MEV Rocket build project

MEV Rocket is Born - bike-engined MEV Rocket build site

Rocket Build - MEV Rocket build website

MEV Rocket Build - describes the building on an MEV Rocket

MEV Sonic 7 - build website that shows the construction of a Sonic 7

Three-wheelers and Citroen based kit cars

The Filby Flyer - site dedicated to a Lomax 223 once owned by Peter Filby

Paul Randle's Kudos - three wheel special using Citroen parts

Lomax 223 Kit Car - Citroen Dyane based Lomax 223

Unofficial Pembleton Kit Car Site - dedicated to Pembleton range

Our Lomax 223 and Robin Hood V8 - site with one of each car


Bob's Ultima Site - Ultima GTR build diary

CJ's Ultima GTR Site - Ultima GTR build website - has details of an Ultima Spyder build

Ultima GTR Info Site - lots here about an Ultima GTR build


Building The Banham BAT - Banham BAT build site

Bike Engine Transplant Central - Site for motorcycle engined kit car enthusiasts

Brian's Web Pages - Royal Sabre builder's website

Building an Onyx Firefox Kit Car - detailed build site

Eliot Mansfield's Twin Turbo Chevy Dakar 4x4 - site claims it's the world's fastest Dakar

Dave's Marlin Berlinetta Web Page - page about the Marlin Berlinetta roadster

Dave's Web - has a GTM Libra build and details of a Jago Geep

The Diverting History of Bertie - Burlington Arrow build website

DJ Barry John Magenta Kit Car - lots of info about the 70s Magenta kit car

DownDraught Automotive - includes info about a Spartan and Eagle RV

Dutton Melos M4892 - Dutton Melos restoration website

Dutton Sports Cars - this Dutton enthusiast has owned several vehicles

Euro-Nova - resource website for the Nova and sister kit cars

Excalibur Crusader Kit Car - site dedicated to this rare 1980s sports car

Ford Based Specials - lots of info about classic 1950s Ford based specials

Ginetta G33 and G34 - site with lots of info about these Ginetta models

Ginetta G27 Classic British Sportscar - Ginetta G27 build website

Ian's Kitcar Website - GTM Rossa build website

Imps In Character - this site has details of lots of Hillman Imp specials and kit cars

My Marlin Berlinetta - Marlin Berlinetta build and ownership site

My Minari Website - shows the build of a Minari kit car

NG Kit Car Site - detailed NG build website

Nova Kit Cars - big Nova enthusiast website

Quantum H4 Turbo - Quantum H4 2+2 build site

Robbie Gibson's JBA Falcon Website - huge resource for JBA Falcon

Robin's Fury Site - Fury build website

Rob's Dutton Cars - Dutton Phaeton owner's website - has details of a Marlin Roadster and GTM

STK's Dakar 4x4 - Dakar 4x4 build website

Sylva Mojo 2 Build Diary - lots of info about a Sylva Mojo 2

WLR Build - pictures, videos and text about a WLR build

1950s Specials - huge resource about specials made in the 1950s and 60s

Lotus Seven and Seven inspired websites:

Lotus and Caterham Sevens

Mostly Caterham Seven Links - Caterham Seven links...mostly

Se7en Up - Seven resource page with lots of information

Seven Ecstasy - lots of info about Caterhams on this enthusiast site

Super Seven - enthusiast site all about Caterham Sevens


Chris Bradley's Westfield Build Pages - Westfield Speedsport build site

Building a Westfield - Speedsport build site

Jim's Westfield Build Pages - Zetec powered 1800 Westfield build - detailed Westfield 1800 build site

Westfield Driver - Westfield SEiGHT website

My Westfield - The Story So Far - Photos of Westfield during build and at track days

Piston Envy - features Westfield build and rebuild and Targa Liege story

Stuff You Probably Don't Care About - Westfield and Tiger builds on this site

The Westfield Project - Detailed Westfield SEiW build website

Westfield SEiGHT - lots of info about the Westfield SEiGHT here

Westfield World - huge Westfield resource website


Loco Ninja - Stuart Taylor Loco-Blade build diary

Locost Car - Locost build website

Locost Racing - Locost racing enthusiast's website

Marcus and Roland's Locost Build Diary - pair of Locost build diaries

My Locost Build - Locost build website

Richard Marsden's Locost Page - Stuart Taylor build site


Building a Tiger Cat E1 - Ford Sierra based Tiger Cat E1 build site

Dave's SuperCat Site - Tiger Cat build site

Giles Cooper's Tiger Website - Tiger Cat enthusiast site

Jam's Tiger Avon - Tiger Avon blog with video clips

Mark's Tiger R6 - comprehensive Tiger R6 build site

Tiger Storm Build Diary - build diary for Tiger Storm kit car

Tiger Supercat - comprehensive Tiger Cat build site

Zetec-Cat - site tells the tale of two separate Zetec powered Tiger Cat kit cars

Robin Hood

Andy's Robin Hood 2B Kit Car - pictures and text about a 2B project

Building a Kit Car at - Robin Hood 2B project

Joey and Bill's 2B Project - father-and-son 2B build site

Paul Smith's Snaps and Bytes ehome Kit Car Page - Robin Hood Series III build

Our Lomax 223 and Robin Hood V8 - site with one of each car

Robin Hood 2B Technical Notes and Build Manual - detailed 2B build notes

Will's Super Spec - Robin Hood Super Spec build diary

MK Indy

At The Far End - bike engined MK Indy

Winchester 7 - MK Indy build site

Dax Rush

Chris's V8 Dax Rush Build - comprehensive Dax Rush build website

Duncan's Dax Rush Diary - Dax Rush build website

Richard's Dax Rush - month by month Rush build site

Tim and Tom's Car Pages - has details of a Dax Rush, Westfield and Fisher Fury

Trevor's Dax Rush Build Site - detailed V8 Dax Rush build

Other LSIS websites

Formula 27 Kit Car - comprehensive Formula 27 website

GJM 7 - one-off Seven inspired car built for a 6ft 8in tall driver

Horatio's Cars - they include a Formula 27 kit car

Jeffrey Kit Car - about rare Jeffrey J4 kit car - MAC#1 Fireblade engined build

Peter Wannop's Website - includes a Locust build report

Mike's F27 - Formula 27 kit car build site