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Kit car manufacturer websites

The UK has more than 100 kit car manufacturers.

See this page for a list of links to their websites.

All listings here go through to a separate page for each manufacturer - with details of the website and its contents.

Kit Car Links is a directory of links to kit car websites - see other parts of the site for links to parts suppliers, clubs, enthusiasts' homepages and much more.

Check out the home page for details of all the link categories and latest updates.

Got a kit car website? Get in touch - see the contact/submit your link section in the left hand panel.

Featured listing: Vincent MPH

The Vincent MPH is a replica of the 1934 Riley MPH.

Cars are available in various stages of kit construction, including comprehensive kits that include everything except paint and battery. Factory built and pre-owned vehicles are also sold.

To visit the company website click here


UK kit car manufacturers

2CV Shop - Mehari kits

Action Automotive - Storm Warrior 2 Thunder Wagon 4x4

Aeon - three-seat sports cars

Aero Cycle Cars - three-wheelers

AGM Sports Cars - AGM WLR enclosed wheel sports car

AK Sports Cars - AK 427 Cobra

AM Sportscars - Imola mid-engined tourer

Andersen Motor Company - Mini Moke inspired AMC Cub

A Nu Dimension - Porsche Boxster body conversion

Aries Motorsport - Seven inspired Loco and Sabre track car

Automotive Creation - Royale Sabre

Autotune - Jaguar XK replicas, Gemini and Can-Am kits

Belfield 4x4 Engineering - Jago 4x4

Bertini - BMW Z3 based Bertini GT25

Blackjack Zero - performance trike

Blackwell Sports Cars - SPR1 sports car, a Mazda MX-5 body conversion

Blaze Motorsport - Blaze F MGF body conversion

Blitzworld - off-road buggies

Branford Motor Company - vintage styled limousines

Kit Car Links Guestmap

Pin your message to the map!

This is a great little feature here at Kit Car Links. The Guestmap is like a guest book - except you can also see where people are posting from around the world. Read the entries and post your own message here

BRA - details of BRA marque

Burlington - plans based cars

Caterham - maker of the original Seven

Cradley Motor Works - Lomax range

Chesil - Chesil Speedster - Porsche Speedster replica

Creative SportsCars - Venom S sports car based on Jaguar S Type

Crendon - CR427 Cobra replica

Cygnus - Ford hot rods

Dakar - 4x4 off-roaders

DAX / DJ Sportscars - Seven inspired DAX Rush and 427 kits

DC Supercars - Lamborghini replicas

Deronda - Deronda Type F two-seater with race car styling

DNA Automotive - Ferrari lookalikes

DeHavilland Motor Company - Ferrari Dino replicas

DJC Kit Cars V-Storm WR3 exoskeletal three seat sports car

Doon Buggies - beach buggies

Dutton - amphibious 4x4 Dutton Surf

East Coast Manx - beach buggies

Eco-Exo - lightweight scooter based trike

Equilibrium Kit Cars - Sonic 7

Esargi - Seren sports car

Ewens Sports Cars - MX-5 based Seven inspired kit

Europa Engineering - Banks Europa

Exo Sports Cars - exoskeletal sports car range and Mini based Peel Viking Sport

Fereday - Vario Fiat Uno based kit

Fiorano - Type 48 Corsa Spyder

Flatlands Engineering - beach buggies

FourWD Engineering - NCF range of off-roaders

Fury Sports Cars - Fury

Furore Formula One - street legal F1 racer lookalike

Gardner Douglas - performance sportscars including Cobra inspired

Gemini Karts - off road karts

Gentry - Gentry MG TF replica

GKD Sports Cars - Legend Seven inspired car and Evolution sports car

Great British Sports Cars - Zero Seven inspired car

Grinnall - performance three wheeler

Hawk Cars - Cobra and Lancia Stratos replicas

Healy Designs - Austin Healey inspired Enigma sports car

Hoppa Street Buggy - modern take on beach buggy theme

Imperial - vintage vans, limos and cars

JBA - Falcon range

JH Classics - Ferrari Dino replicas

Kellforms Woodmasters - Le Mans inspired Retoga

Kougar - Jaguar based Kougar

Lister Bell - Lancia Stratos replica

Mamba Motorsport - Lotus 23 replica

Malone - performance trikes including electric vehicle

Marlin Sportscars - 5EXi and Sportster BMW powered kits

Martin & Walker - classic Porsche replicas

Peter May Engineering - Arkley SS

MEV - range of performance kit cars

Stuart Mills - Vehicle Designer - projects by MEV's Stuart Mills

Midas / Alternative Cars - Midas range of cars

Miglia Sports Cars - Miglia Speedster

MK Engineering - MK Midi

MNR - Vortx range of Seven inspired cars

MR2 Body Kit - Ferrari lookalikes

mr2kits - Ferrari lookalikes

Nostalgia - Jaguar replicas and Ogle Mini kit

Off Road Kart Plans - plans for off road karts

Onyx Sports Cars - Bugatti Type 37 replica

Ox - Flat-pack all terrain vehicle for African markets

Parallel Designs - Lambo replicas

Pembleton - Super Sport and Brooklands

Penguin Speed Shop - Buckland B3

Peninsular Sports Cars - Supersnake and Minari

Phoenix Automotive Developments - Mirach

Pilgrim Cars - Pilgrim Sumo

Procomp Motorsport - Locost derived race cars

Rage Motorsport - Off road and street legal buggies

RangeOver - Range Rover body kits

Raptor Sports Cars - Scottish maker of Seven inspired Raptor range

Raw Engineering - maker of the Striker, Phoenix and Fulcrum

Razor Cars - bike engined contemporary three wheeler

Realm Engineering - classic Jaguar replicas

Renegade Speedsters - Porsche 356 Speedster replicas

Rennwagen - Schnelle 550 Spyder Porsche replica

Ribble Kits and Classics - 1950s style racers based on Triumph and 2CV donors (formerly made under Sammio name)

Roadrunner - SR2 Seven inspired car

Ronart - W152 Jaguar based roadster

RPS - RP251 MGB body conversion

RTM - La Bala mid-engined sports car

S & M T6 Triumph Spitfire Le Mans - Triumph GT6 Le Mans replicas

Sebring - Austin Healey replicas

Southern GT - Ford GT40 replicas

Southways Sports Cars - Cat and Super Cat

Spire Sportscars - GT-R manufacturer

Spyders Inc - Porsche Spyder replica

Suffolk Sportscars - Jaguar SS100 and C-Type replicas

Supercarkits - Ferrari lookalike bodykits based on Toyota Celica

Sylva Autokits - Sylva Riot models and J15

Tempest - Reliant Fox / Kitten based Tempest

Tiger - Aviator, a range of Seven inspired kits and ERA historic race cars

Tomcat Motorsport - off road Land Rover rebody kits

Toniq R - updated take on the Lotus Seven design theme

Tornado Sportscars - TS40 Ford GT40 replica

Tribute Automotive - range of traditionally styled body conversions

Triking - Moto Guzzi powered three wheelers

Ultima - GTR and Can-Am Supercars

Ville Vans - Citroen 2CV van conversions

Vincent MPH - Vincent MPH, a replica of the 1934 Riley MPH

Vindicator - Sprint range of sportscars, Vandicator and Auto Speciali range

Volksrod Beach Buggies - long and short wheelbase beach buggies

Vortex Automotive - GT sports car series and V2 two-seater

Westfield - SE range of Seven inspired kits

Xanthos - Lotus 23 replica

Xmoor Cars - Riot (formerly Sylva Riot)