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Welcome to the links to websites for UK kit car parts and accessories websites

Building a kit car? Unless you pay for a comprehensive kit with all parts included, you'll be buying lots of kit car parts along the way.

These can include major mechanical components such as engines, gearbox and suspension items.

Lots of specialist suppliers exist to provide these and all the other bits you need to complete the project.

There are companies that will sell you trim, upholstery, electrical items, seats and many more parts to help finish your car.

This is a big section here at Kit Car Links - spread over a number of pages - so take time to have a look at lots of great kit car parts and accessories websites.

Page one - this page: engines, gearboxes and drive

Page two: specialists by make; performance; motorsport

Page three: wheels & tyres; general parts, trim and accessories; hoses, fittings and fasteners

Page four: seats and trim; tools; exhausts; wiring & electrics;

Page five: instruments & dials; welding; clothing; galvanising; fibreglass; paint

Page six: parts finders & breakers; miscellaneous

Engines gearbox and drive

Bailey Morris - propshaft supplier

Castune - gearbox and engine preparation specialising in Caterhams

Dunning and Fairbank - propshafts including lightweight carbon fibre propshafts

DVA Power - Rover K Series engine specialist

Ferriday Engineering - CNC machining specialist and custom made copper head gaskets

First Motion Transmissions - reconditioned gearbox specialist

Hewland Engineering - motorsport transmission components

JE Engineering - Rover V8 engine performance specialist

Kent Cams - supplies the Kent cam shaft range of products

Pro Tune - engine tuning specialist including Cosworth

Flat Shifter - performance gear shift products

Raceline - performance engineered parts for Ford engines in Lotus Seven inspired kit cars

Reco-Prop - propshaft and front wheel drive specialist

Neil Roper Developments - performance engine parts

Roadcraft - fully assembled Ford and Chevy American engines

RPi Engineering - Rover V8 engine specialist

John Wilcox Competition Engines - motorsport engine supplier

VTAC Motorsport - motorbike engine ECU modifications

Vulcan Engineering - performance engine spares including cylinder heads