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Welcome to the links to websites for kit car enthusiasts' homepages in the USA & Canada.

These websites are a great source of information.

For newcomers to the kit car scene, reading a build diary can help show what is involved in putting together a kit car.

Many kit car enthusiasts have posted extremely detailed diaries of their projects.

Some have hundreds of photographs, extensive cost breakdowns, information about problems and pitfalls and articles about how their finished car drives.

Other websites featured here are dedicated to kit cars from the past - from buggies to exoticars.

kit car enthusiasts' websites:

Factory Five Racing

Chevy Cobra - Chevy Powered FFR Roadster

Cobra Fun - FFR build website

Venom XS - site with two FFR builds shown

Evan's Factory Five Build Site - Roadster build site

Factory Five Racing Roadster Build - very detailed build site with daily logs

John's FFR Build Site - month-by-month build journal - Roadster build site with breakdown of all parts used

My FFR Cobra - blog with lots of build pictures and information

Wade's Cobra Site - FFR Roadster build site. Also includes a previous Bugatti replica

William and Laurel's Cobra Project Page - FFR Roadster based on 1990 Mustang LX

Cobras - non Factory Five Racing homepages:

Cobra Project Page - lots of pictures of an Antique and Collectible replica

RAW's Home Page - RUCC build project

Replicas - Lamborghini

Countach Replica - details of a vehicle based on an Armstrong body kit - contains three different Lamborghini Diablo replica diaries

Lamborghini Countach Replica Blog - ownership diary of a Lambo lookalike

Replicas - Hummer

Hummer Works - features an Urban Gorilla replica

Tad's Hummbug - VW based Hummer inspired car

Replicas - others - SS100 replica owner's website

Lotus Seven Inspired

Project Seven - Locost Build Diary - based on a CMC kit

Ron's Locost - with Mazda RX-7 donor components

A Texas Locost - lots of info about a Locost build

Buggies and Sandrails

Boon Duggy - four-seat 1500cc dune buggy


Ultima Build - Ultima GTR build website

Ultima Can-Am - in-depth Ultima Can-Am website


6-Speed Bradley GT2 - big Bradley GT resource

Bradley - Bradley GTII website

Eagle GT - Ferrari Dino inspired car with Porsche 914 donor

Geostar Systems - shows a BugE electric vehicle build

JZR USA - showcases the JZR three wheeler - dedicated to Kellison marque

Sterling Central - big Sterling resource website

Trihawk Homepage - Citroen GSA based three-wheeler