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Welcome to the links to websites for kit car insurance specialist company websites in the USA & Canada.

Once you've built or purchased your kit car you will need to insure it for road and/or track use.

Some companies also provide cover for your kit while it is in storage or during the build process.

Below are links to specialist insurance companies of interest to kit car owners.

Some restrict their policies to replicas, classics or other cars with crossover appeal to the kit car market.

kit car insurance specialists' websites: - discounted local insurance quotes

Simple Car Insurance Quotes - car insurance options and advice

American Collectors Insurance - classic, modified and other specialist car cover

Auto Insurance Stories - discussion on car insurance issues

Classic Automobile Insurance - collectable insurance car cover including kit cars

Condon & Skelly - kit car and other specialist car cover

Grundy Worldwide - classic, antique and street rod insurance

Leland-West - covers kit cars, classic, exotic and sports cars

Motorsports Insurance Services - specialist cover for race cars, teams and motorsport events

Progressive Insurance - exotic and classic car cover, including some replicas

Rally Insurance - cover for collector vehicles including kit cars

Continental Western Group Collector Car Program - specialist vehicle cover includes policies for replicas, classics and trucks