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About Kit Car Links and FAQs

Kit Car Links was set up to list as many kit car sites and related web resources as possible - in one easy-to-use directory.

It has been running since mid-May 2000 with an initial listing of 500 sites, a number that has increased steadily as more enthusiasts and traders have put their kit car websites online.

All sites are listed by the appropriate category they belong to - for commercial sites such as manufacturers, parts suppliers, build up firms and insurance companies.

And there are more sections for enthusiast sites such as clubs, homepages, build diaries and discussion forums.

Any site is eligible for inclusion, so long as it has some sort of legitimate connection with the making, building and enjoyment of kit cars.

All sites enjoy a free standard listing so if you have a kit car website or know of one not listed here please do get in touch.

If you are a trader and want more information about your services to be included, Kit Car Links offers paid-for advertising in positions on the most popular pages on the site.

To read more about advertising on Kit Car Links please visit the advertising page.

Each standard Kit Car Links listing sees the website listed with its title, details of its content and the URL given.

Please note: the short description is a summary of key features of the website written by Kit Car Links - it is an independent summary and not written by the owners of the website referred to. However, please be aware that Kit Car Links has no control over the content of external websites and cannot be responsible for claims made by any site that is linked-to.

Kit Car Links tries to avoid saying whether a site is good, bad or indifferent because sites can change very quickly and an out-of-date review would not be a fair comment.

Where commercial sites are listed there is absolutely no recommendation or otherwise given or implied.

Please use the normal care and discretion dealing with kit car suppliers and associated companies that you would with any other firm - just because a company has a flashy website does not necessarily mean its products can be recommended. You should always research the market and the kit cars you are interested in before parting with money.

There are many good printed and online guides to buying and building a kit car and if you are new to kit cars it is well worth reading these before taking the plunge. Doing so can save a lot of time and money later on.

Even more valuable is spending time talking directly to people who have built and drive kit cars. They will give you the best advice not only on the car but on where to source parts and how to go about insurance and registration.

A number of the club pages and home page sites have excellent build up features and guides to getting cars on the road in a number of different countries.

Many thanks for visiting Kit Car Links - whether this is your first time here or if you are a regular visitor.



How do I get my site listed?

Just contact us at Please give a brief description of your site and what it covers (a single paragraph is usually enough). We'll visit the site and then add the link and let you know when it's up.

What does it cost to get a site listed?

All basic text listings are completely free of charge.

If you are interested in additional advertising or promotion please contact Kit Car Links for details.

How do I use Kit Car Links to find the website I want?

Links are listed by category on the Links Index page.

Take your time and work your way through the listings.

New links are posted on the new sites page.