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Kit Car Build Manuals

Thinking of building a kit car?

This page features links to kit car build manuals and construction guides.

They make essential reading for any budding kit car builder.

Reading a kit car build manual is a good way to see how much is involved in a kit car construction project.




Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) Manual For Vehicle Category M1 (Passenger Vehicles) This is published by the UK's Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, which describes it thus: "This manual is a detailed guide on the inspection of vehicles submitted to an authorised testing station under the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) scheme. It is produced for the examiners who carry out the inspections and for vehicle presenters and other interested parties who wish to familiarise themselves with the technical requirements and inspection procedures."

Non-marque specific

New Zealand Car Construction Manual This guide is published by the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association, which describes it as "a comprehensive technical manual encompassing the many aspects of vehicle design, modification and construction".

AK Sportscars

AK Sportscars Build Manual Manual for the AK 427 Cobra replica.

ANC Replicar

ANC Replicar Build Manual Construction guide for the ANC Replicar - inspired by the 1959 Aston Martin DBR1.

Blackjack Zero

Blackjack Zero Build Guide This is a link to a section of the build guide for the three-wheeler Blackjack Zero. It contains the first part of the build guide - 14 pages in total.

Burton Construction Manual Construction manual for the Burton - a traditionally styled roadster based on Citroen 2CV donors.


Caterham Assembly Guide This covers the Caterham Seven 270, 360 and 420 models as well as Academy vehicles and is dated February 2015.

Cradley Motor Works

Cradley Motor Works Snake Build Manual Build manual for the Snake - a Lotus Seven inspired kit car with Cobra-esque rear body design.

Lomax 223 and 224 Build Manual This manual is for the Lomax 223 (three-wheeler) and 224 (four-wheel version). The car is a Citroen 2CV based traditional roadster.

Dearborn Deuce

Dearborn Deuce Build Manual Build manual for the Dearborn Deuce - an all steel 32 Roadster body with retractable top.


Dutton Reef Build Manual Build manual for the Dutton Reef - a two wheel drive amphibious kit car using a Ford Fiesta as donor

Dutton Surf Build Manual Build manual for the Dutton Surf - a four wheel drive amphibious kit car using a Suzuki Jimny as donor


Eagle Owners Club Build Manual Build manual posted by the Eagle Owners Club for Eagle kits the RV and SS.

Eureka (Nova/Sterling)

Eureka - Assembly Instruction Manual Manual for the VW based exoticar the Eureka. The Eureka is the Australian sister model to the Nova / Sterling models and this is posted on a Nova enthusiast / forum site.

Factory Five Racing

Factory Five Racing GTM Supercar Assembly Manual Manual for the FFR GTM

Factory Five Racing Mk3 Roadster Assembly Manual Manual for the FFR Mk3 Roadster Cobra inspired kit car

Factory Five Racing Mk4 Roadster Base Kit Assembly Manual Manual for the FFR Mk4 Roadster Cobra inspired car

Factory Five Racing Mk4 Roadster Complete Kit Assembly Manual Manual for the FFR Mk4 Roadster Cobra inspired car

Factory Five Racing Type 65 Coupe Assembly Manual Manual for the FFR Type 65 Coupe Daytona Coupe inspired kit car


Vintage Fiberfab Kit Car Manuals Page with links to lots of manuals for Fiberfab cars


Fury Build Manual Page with manual for the Fury (formerly Fisher Fury) sportscar contained in an on-page viewer which also allows download of the manual itself


Freestyle Kit Car Build Manual Manual for Freestyle offroad buggy that can also be registered for road use.


GTM Libra Build Manual This is the build manual for the mid-engined GTM Libra kit car.

Last Refuge Hotrod

Last Refuge Hotrod Technical Drawing Links and Pickup Bed Assembly Manuals Page with links to build manuals and technical drawings for this manufacturer of '28 to '29 hot rods.


MEV Exocet Build Guide This build manual is for the exoskeletal MEV Exocet


Midas Owners Club - Downloads This page has links to a number of technical downloads. They include build manuals for the Midas Bronze and Midas Gold.


Striker Build Manual This manual is for construction of the RAW Striker - formerly the Sylva Striker

Smyth Kit Cars

Smyth Performance Build Manual Manual for conversion of VW Jetta / Golf and Audi donors to truck / ute style vehicles.

Suffolk Sportscars

Suffolk SS100 Build Manual Manual for Suffolk SS100 - a classic replica of the Jaguar SS100

Super Stepside

Super Stepside Pickup Build Manual This manual shows how to build a Super Stepside Sport Truck - based on Chevy Caprice or Pontiac four-door wagons


Tiger Owners Club - Downloads Downloads page from the Tiger Owners Club which at time of writing has build manuals for the Tiger Super Six, Cat E1, and R6 models. Plus more downloads for engine, carburettor and wiring matters.

Unique Motorcars

Unique Motorcars 427 and 289 FIA Replica Assembly Manual This manual is for the Unique Motorcars Cobra replicas - available in 289 and 427 variants

Urban Gorilla

Urban Gorilla Assembly Guide This manual is for the construction of the Urban Gorilla 4x4 Bodies Hummer inspired cars.

Urban Gorilla Weld It Yourself Instructions Welding manual for the Urban Gorilla cars.


Westfield FW Special Edition Build Manual Official Westfield Sports Cars downloadable build manual.


Wombat Assembly Manual Build manual for the Hummer inspired Wombat kit car. Bodies fit on to an unmodified VW Beetle chassis