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Kit car discussion forums

Welcome to the Kit Car Links listings for kit car discussion forums.

These are often a great source of information for enthusiasts and a way of keeping up to date with news and events.

The websites listed here are by and large standalone forums, some of them containing posts on general kit car topics. Others are for specific makes or types of vehicle.

There are many more forums out there - many of them contained within the pages of kit car club websites.

AllMetalShaping Metal shaping discussion forum. Has lots of topics and posts about a number of aspects of metal shaping including welding, buck building and techniques

Attack Forums For followers of the K1 Attack. It has FAQs about the exoticar plus sections where people can post about their builds. Also included are photo galleries of cars and projects underway. And there is a classifieds section.

Dutton Forums Forum for Dutton kit car enthusiasts. Has lots of sections - including for all the Dutton models such as Melos, Phaeton, Sierra, B Type, Malaga and B Type.

Ford RS200 Replica Forums Forum with posts from enthusiasts of Ford RS200 replicas. Includes sections with details of owners' completed cars, which include Banham and SPD models. Also has sections for build tips, sales and wanted adverts, and general discussion.

GT40s.com Ford GT40 and replica discussion board and community. Site has details of posts from GT40 enthusiasts worldwide on topics from choosing cars to building and driving them. Also includes regular polls and a calendar of events. Has sections dedicated to posts about original Ford GT40s as well as for people building replica GT40 kit cars.

H1Forum.com Discussion area with separate forums for original and replica Hummer talk. Has sections for people to post pictures of their vehicles, details of events, classifieds and help with finding parts. There is also a section for people to discuss tools and equipment used in their builds.

Mad Mechanics Kit Cars Forum Active kit car discussion forum with a range of sections and topics for enthusiasts to contribute to. These include technical discussion, build diaries and a mall section where people can buy and sell cars and other items. The site also has a consumer opinions area where visitors are able to post thoughts about how good or bad their supplier has been.

Pistonheads Gassing Station - Kit Cars General kit car discussion forum with regular contributions from enthusiasts in the UK and Europe. Site attracts messages from kit car builders and some manufacturers, who also post. There are sections for build diaries and IVA information.

Triking Forum Discussion forum for owners and enthusiasts of the Triking three-wheeler. It has technical questions, news, details of events and a section with Trikings for sale. There is also a Triking register and an MSVA help section.

Ultima Chat Ultima discussion zone hosted on the pistonheads.com site. Has regular messages posted by enthusiasts and builders on a wide range of topics from choosing to building and driving Ultimas. Messages include updates on driving experiences from owners, build progress reports and technical queries.