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European kit car homepages

Welcome to the links to websites for kit car enthusiasts' homepages in Europe.

Here you will find links to lots of great homepages from kit car builders and drivers across Europe.

Many of them feature highly-detailed build diaries. Reading build diaries is one of the best ways you can find out about the ins-and-outs of putting together a kit car.

Other sites feature kit cars that the owners have bought used or built by manufacturers.


Seven and Seven-inspired cars

Erik's Super Seven Pages Swedish site about the Lotus Seven from its early days. There is a Colin Chapman biography and details of the author's Caterham. Also has information about Scandinavian events and the Swedish Lotus Seven Club

Luca Super 7 Site from Dutch enthusiast which charts his progress in the Caterham race series. Site includes news and videos of the car in action. Also has links to several racetracks.

Mhor Rush Enthusiast site with details of a Mohr Rush driven by its owner in the Netherlands. Site has details of its history and work carried out on it. This includes lots of information about an engine replacement. And there are details of kit car events.

Se7en Days Finnish site with details of a festival for Caterham and Lotus Sevens and Seven inspired cars. Has information about the cars, their owners and the activities. Site in Finnish.

WernerPfetzer.de German enthusiast's site about a factory built Donkervoort D8 Wide Track with 1.8 litre Audi engine. Site has pictures of the build, details of events and of the car in use. Site in German.


Bertram's Kitcar Site Dutch Westfield builder whose site has details of a Westfield SEiW. Site in Dutch.

Inge Jonsson - Westfield Build Diary Swedish Westfield builder who used a Mazda MX-5 / Miata as donor. Lots of photos of various components. Site in Swedish

Ma Westfield French Westfield builder's blog build diary. Lots of pictures and text showing the various stages. Based on a Mazda MX-5. Site in French.

My Westfield Adventure Belgian builder's Westfield construction story. Car is based on a Mazda MX-5 donor.

petergeelhoed.nl Westfield build diary from an enthusiast in the Netherlands. Lots of pictures of the construction. Includes registration information.

Svälles Seight Swedish Westfield SEiGHT build website. Site has month-by-month entries with pictures and text - from start of the build to registration. http://hem.bredband.net/b102170/

Westfield Build Site has details of a Westfield build with a 2.0 Duratec engine in the Netherlands. Includes pictures and text on each major part of the process. Site in Dutch

Westfield Erik Site from an enthusiast from the Netherlands who has recorded the build of a Westfield. Lots of posts and pictures. Site in Dutch.

Westfield Project Swedish Westfield owner's site with a detailed build diary of a Mazda MX-5 based car.

Citroen based kits and three-wheelers

Bjorn's Burton Site Story of a father and son building team who enjoyed putting together a Citroen 2CV based Burton so much that they went ahead and made another. The site has detailed specifications and pictures. And there are also some downloadable movie clips of the cars in action. Site in Dutch, English and German

Burtonfahrer Burton kit car enthusiast website with details about the traditionally-styled Citroen based car. Has details of Burtons built by other drivers with pictures and technical information.

Hoffmann 2CV Van Wout This site has details and plenty of pictures showing the build of its Dutch author's Hoffmann Cabrio. The car is a body conversion based on a Citroen 2CV that makes the vehicle into an open-topped car with retro styling. Also includes photos of the finished vehicle and a page with pictures of completed cars made by other builders. Site in Dutch.

JZR Threewheeler This site is a celebration of JZR and, indeed, all three wheelers. Has details of its author's own passion for three wheelers, JZR and general three wheeler history. Also includes technical info, cars for sale and events information. Site in German.

My Burton Site with lots of information about its author's enthusiasm for his Burton kit car. Includes a photo gallery with pictures showing other Burton owners' vehicles. And there are photos and text describing the author's build of his own Burton. Site in German.

Neverending Story of Building a Lomax 424 a Cit' Powered Kitcar Site shows the build and subsequent ownership of a Lomax 424 by its Belgian owner. The car uses a Citroen Ami Super donor with a flat four engine.

Passe's Burton Universum This is a site from a German enthusiast which has a detailed photo build diary showing the construction of his Citroen 2CV based Burton. The silver car is shown on the road. And there are also pictures of other owners' cars. Site in German.

Beach buggies

Austrian Buggy Site This website is dedicated to the Austrian buggy scene. There is a picture gallery, details of models and details of events. Site has a page which describes the history and development of the beach buggy.

Glottis' Buggy Garage Swedish beach buggy enthusiast's website. This has details of cars owned that include a Meyers Manx and a LWB RAT. Includes information about the cars, shows attended and buggy history.


SiennaCountach.net Dutch enthusiast's tribute to the Sienna Lamborghini Countach replica. It includes a builder's blog that features details of his own project. Also has Sienna history, a photo album and a builders' cars section.


Burty's - FT Bonito Page Website has information about the FT Bonito - VW based exoticar - including get togethers in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Dutton & Other Kitcars Site dedicated to the Dutton marque with lots of information about the many models made under this banner. It includes articles about cars in the Dutton range and details of a German club. There are further sections about Tim Dutton and other Dutton history. Site in German.

Eagle SS Estonian Eagle SS enthusiast's website which has pictures of the VW based car and links to other Eagle SS websites.

Frankie's Dutton Historic Car This Belgian site is dedicated to its author's Dutton Melos. There are details about the car's history with pictures of it being restored and resprayed. Also has general history of the Dutton marque.

gtmlibra.nl Site from a Dutch GTM Libra enthusiast who also has a Westfield site. Includes a detailed build diary with month-by-month entries. Site in Dutch.

GTM 1967... Spanish enthusiast page with details of the GTM marque and its history. Includes pictures of different models. Site in Spanish.

Hathaway Hunter Detailed site that tells the story of its authors' Triumph based Hathaway Hunter - and gives lots of information about the history of the model. Includes text describing the history of the Hathaway Hunter, a roadster with lines inspired from pre-Second World War sports cars. The site features magazine articles about the vehicle.And original factory publicity material is also shown. The authors also have lots of information about their vehicle, now on the road in the Netherlands.

Project Dutton Melos Lots of pictures on this Dutch enthusiast's Facebook page which show a Dutton Melos kit car restoration project.

Projekt K1 - Attack - SnowStorm Facebook page with details of a K1-Attack build in the Czech Republic. Has lots of pictures and text updates showing progress.

Royale Sabre Kit Car Building Story Dutch builder's Royale Sabre site. The former Morgan owner's kit construction story has pictures and information about putting the car on the road. Site includes specifications and information about the Ford Scorpio donor vehicle. Includes a breakdown of costs involved.