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Pictured above: UK Kit Car Manufacturer Guide. Now available on Kindle.

Kit Car Manufacturers in Europe


Dax Benelux Company was official importer for the Dax range of cars - and has now taken on a manufacturing role. Cars offered include Dax 427, BNL 427, BNL 40 GT40 replica and BNL Coupe Daytona Coupe replica

Czech Republic

K-1 Attack The K-1 Attack is a contemporary mid-engined two-seat sports car based on Honda donors

Kaipan Maker of the Kaipan 57a Lotus Seven inspired car and the Skoda based 14 and 16 sports cars


Kit & Buggy Service VW specialist that also markets its own beach buggy: the KB Buggy.


RaceTech The ESTfield is a Lotus Seven inspired kit based on the Locost philosophy - using Lada donors.


Hoffmann 2CV Citroen 2CV specialist that makes body conversions such as the Cabrio open top car. There is also a Break kit that extends the 2CV - and a Pick-Up

RCB The RCB-7 range of Lotus Seven inspired vehicles is offered by this company.

Rush Company makes the Rush Roadster Lotus Seven inspired kit.


Autotuning Replicas including Cobra, Lamborghini, Ferrari inspired vehicles and beach buggies.


Burton Car Company The Burton is a traditionally-styled roadster based on the Citroen 2CV. Company also makes a pick-up conversion for 2CVs.

De Flyer The Flyer is a Citroen 2CV based kit car with hot rod styling influences. The traditionally-styled Castellette 2+2 is also 2CV based

Le Patron Company produces traditionally styled three and four-wheel Le Patron kits based on Citroen 2CV donors.

Voglietta The Voglietta Mille Miglia is a traditionally-styled roadster based on Citroen 2CV donors and is offered in two-seat and 2+2 versions.


Easer Cobra replicas plus the GTR - a Mercedes CLK GTR AMG replica. And two limousines with traditionally-inspired styling, the RR and EX.


Grex Automotive The Sagaris GT - a TVR Sagaris inspired car using a V8 Chevrolet engine. And the Grex Tuscan Roadster.

Fabricación Europea de Automóviles the Model DCA is Morgan inspired three-and four wheel kit with similar styling to the Lomax.

Iguana Kits Renault 4 based kits with 1940s American styling influences: Berlina four-door saloon, Pick Up, Furgo (commercial inspired vehicle) and Cabriolet.


Pagano The Pagano is a Ferrari 500 Mondial inspired car based on Alfa Romeo donor parts.