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New Kit Car Trike in Development

Magnum S6R design pictures here at Kit Car Links

The Magnum S6R (below) is a new kit car trike - see body plug pictures and design shots here

May 2020


Thieves swipe kit car - just days after build completed

ABS Freestyle taken in raid

Thieves made off with an ABS Freestyle - just days after an 11-year build was finished.

Read the full story here.

September 2018

TVR Sagaris recreated as a kit car

Sagaris GT now powered by V8 GM power

The TVR Sagaris is the inspiration for the Sagaris GT - produced in Tenerife by Grex Automotive.

V8 power, sub three-second 0 to 60 times and a top speed of more than 180mph are on offer.

Read the full story here.

September 2018