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Online kit car resources

This page features links to general kit car websites, portals and online resources.

They include kit car websites from around the world.

Many of these are big resources concerned with specific car genres that have a crossover appeal for kit car enthusiasts.

Other sites cover the kit car scene in countries or regions across the globe.

Online magazines and portals

Classic Kitcars Resource website that has details of kit cars produced between the 1950s and 1980s. Includes profiles of a number of vehicles from marques such as Rochdale, Dutton and Marlin.

Fiberclassics Online resource dedicated to promoting kit cars and other hand crafted vehicles. Site has a registry of cars where owners can post pictures and information. Includes updates and news stories from the kit car scene.

KitCar.ru Russian kit car portal with articles about the kit car scene in Russia and kit cars across the world. Has information about popular kits, discussion and links. Site includes an active discussion forum with threads on a wide range of kit car building topics.

Madabout-kitcars.com Online kit car resource dedicated to the UK kit car scene. Has details of makers and their cars, a build cost estimator section, registration information, news and classifieds. Also has a kit car forum.

totalkitcar.com Online magazine with weekly news, features and reviews. Also has lots of information about the kits on offer in the UK and USA kit car scene. There is also a print magazine available for sale to the public.

General kit car resources

El Mundo De Los Kit Cars: En Espana Site in Spanish about kit cars in Spain. Has details of a number of models that have been sold and made in the country - both native marques and imported vehicles. These include the Pegaso, Stromberg Furia Autoreplica 50, Hispanic-German, DCA, Iguana, Black Baron Dreamster plus buggies, Cobras, classics, speedsters and sports cars.

The Physics of Racing Site with large set of in-depth technical articles about the science behind racing a car. Has features under separate categories available for downloading. They include articles about weight transfer, keeping tyres on the road, grip angle, braking and bumps in the road.

Forgotten Fiberglass Site dedicated to historic fibreglass vehicles. Features lots of classic cars that used fibreglass bodies - many of which were kit cars or specials. Has details of models produced from the 1940s onwards. There is an active forum with discussions on subjects ranging from technical issues to American and foreign fibreglass marques.

Vehicle specific resources

3-wheelers.com Vast site dedicated to three-wheelers of all types. Has profiles of a huge number of vehicles - from the first steam-powered trike made in 1769 to present day kits and sports cars. Includes an A to Z of hundreds of three-wheelers, many interesting links and lots of three-wheel history, pictures and trivia.

Dune Buggy Archives Dune buggy resource website which includes a forum, vehicle guides, registry, list of dune buggy clubs and a buggy ID section that helps visitors identify their vehicle.

Kit Central Lamborghini Diablo replica kit car build resource website. Site has a number of forums for people to post messages and exchange knowledge. They include separate sections for VT and Roadster builders and talk on chassis, engines and consumer matters. .

FFCars.com Huge online resource for Factory Five Racing enthusiasts. The website boasts links to owners' build-up sites, details of related vendors, news and technical tips. Includes active discussion forum threads on a wide selection of FFR related topics.

miatakitcar.com Resource site which has details of Mazda Miata / MX-5 based kit cars from around the world. Each car is listed with pictures, technical specifications and contact details for the manufacturer.

Planeta Buggy This Brazilian site is a mine of information for all things beach buggy. Has details of the author's vehicle and a section dedicated to Bruce Meyers. There is information about buggy history, Brazilian buggies, technical issues and stacks of buggy links. Site in Portuguese.