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Kit car clubs - Rest of the World

Welcome to the Kit Car Links listings for club websites in the Rest of the World.

Club websites are often great resources. Many contain details of events, meetings and cars for sale. Others have lots of technical hints and tips to help you build your kit car.

Bolwell Car Club of Australia Australian club dedicated to enthusiasts interested in the Bolwell sports car marque. Vehicles were made in Melbourne in the 1960s and 70s. Models include the Bolwell Mk IV Lotus/Elva reminiscent car, the Mk V Holden based road car, the Mk VI one-off racing car, the MkVII fastback coupe, the Ford powered Mk VIII or Nagari and the Mk IX or Ikara light weight VW Golf engined car. Site has merchandise for sale

Clubbies SA Site is for a group of clubman enthusiasts in the Adelaide area of Australia. Owners' cars include many types of the genre - from Locost to high spec turnkey examples. Site has details of activities and get togethers. And there is a classifieds section where people can buy and sell parts and cars.

Club GT40 Site is for an Australian GT40 club which is open to Ford GT40 owners and enthusiasts. It has pictures of members' cars, details of meetings attended and membership information. The site also has club merchandise for sale.

Clubman Drivers Club of Australia Australian club for enthusiasts of clubman / Lotus Seven inspired type cars. There is information about club activities, Australian clubman manufacturers and club runs. A motorsport section has a list of dates for clubman race meetings.

Cobra Car Club of NSW This site promotes the activities of the Cobra Car Club of New South Wales, Australia. Has details of Cobra history and also there is information about Australian replica Cobra manufacturers. Site includes an active discussion forum and there are details of events and meetings.

Cobra Car Club of Victoria Club for Cobra enthusiasts in Victoria, Australia. Has details of membership, a wide range of activities and meetings throughout the year. These include the club's annual celebration of Shelby vehicles: ShelbyFest

Cobra Car Club of Western Australia For Cobra enthusiasts in Western Australia. Has details of club activities, meetings and events. Includes a picture gallery with photos of members' vehicles.

Cobra Club of South Africa This site has information for South African Cobra enthusiasts. Has details of events, race results, merchandise and articles. Site also includes a picture gallery and a series of technical articles. There is also a classifieds section.

Cobra GT40 Club of Kwa Zulu-Natal This site has information about a South African club set up in Durban in the early 1990s. Its members drive an array of Cobras and GT40s. Includes details of club events, members' cars, classifieds and an archive of relevant articles. Also has sections with history of both GT40 and Cobras. And there is a section where newsletters are posted.

Confederation of Australian Motor Sport The confederation is the national sporting authority for motorsport in Australia, this site tells us, with delegated authority from the FIA. Site has details about its structure and work in supervising motor sport activities. Includes sections that describe, motorsport regulations and how to get involved in the sport.

Constructors Car Club Site for group of New Zealand kit car enthusiasts and builders who hold meetings in Petone. There are contact details and information on how to become a member as well as selected articles from the club magazine, details of members' cars and classifieds. The club holds an annual "Skite Nite", to which members bring along their kit car creations.

Manx Dune Buggy Club Australia This club has a site for all followers of the Manx dune buggy and other VW off road cars such as Bajas. The website features an active discussion forum with sections for chat about a range of topics - from building a car to electrical, body and engine matters. Includes details of events held throughout the year.

Purvis Eureka Car Club of Australia This club is for enthusiasts of the Eureka VW based supercar (known in other markets as the Nova or Sterling). Site has details of model history, variants, club activities and owners' cars. There is also a Eureka register, which aims to track down as many of the original 700 Purvis Eureka vehicles made.

Seven Car Club of Natal Club for followers of Lotus Seven cars and also Lotus Seven-inspired vehicles. Site has details of cars, activities and racing.

Sports Car Builders Club of Western Australia Site for group of like-minded kit car builders. Most of their cars are of the Lotus Seven inspired variety and include Westfield, Locost, Leitch and Fraser cars. Site has details of a meetings, events and a big photo gallery.

Sports Car Club of New Zealand Multi-marque club open to drivers of home built specials up to factory made exoticars, the site says. Has details of members' cars and events. Site includes details of the club constitution, photo galleries and different types of membership that people can apply for.