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UK Kit Car Clubs

The UK has the highest number of kit car clubs anywhere in the world. Many are national groups dedicated to a particular make or model of car. Of these, a number have regional sections - making it easier for people to meet up with like minded kit car enthusiasts.

There are also a number of multi-marque or general kit car clubs and quite a few of these are located in specific geographic regions.

Club websites are among the best online resources for kit car builders and drivers.

750 Motor Club Club organises a huge range of motorsports at grass roots level across the UK - it was set up in 1939 by Austin 7 enthusiasts. Today's racing activities include kit car formulas and there are regulations, results and advice on how to get started.

Aeon Owners Club For enthusiasts of the Aeon range of vehicles. Includes articles, information about the Aeon range and a forum for discussion.

Apple County Kit Car Club Site for Devon and Somerset kit car owners to exchange experiences. Has details of get togethers, owners and their cars.

The Aristocat Register This club is for Autotune Aristocat enthusiasts. The Aristocat is a Jaguar XK inspired kit car. XK Spirit is the club's magazine - and there are downloadable copies on the website for members to access.

The Beauford Club This has details of the club for Beauford enthusiasts. There is information about members' cars - many of which are pictured in use at weddings. Site has news and details of events.

Blitz North East For NCF Blitz enthusiasts in the north east of England. Site has details about the car, donor vehicles and also information about the Traka - another model from the same stable. Has news of events and members' cars.

Bristol Kit Car Club Site for kit car owners in and around the Bristol area. The website consists of an active forum with details of members' builds, gallery pictures and general kit car discussion. Includes information on meetings, events and technical matters.

Burlington Register Site set up to identify all Burlington cars in existence. Has details of technical information, how people can get in touch and a list of registered cars.

Carlton Carrera Kit Car Owners Club Facebook page with details of the Carlton Carrera sports coupe. Includes photos and discussion

Challenger Owners Club For enthusiasts of the Triple C Challenger, a replica of the Series I Jaguar E-Type. Has details about the car, vehicles for sale and club contacts.

Chiltern 7s Club for fans of Lotus Seven inspired kit cars based in Oxfordshire, England. Site has details of club events and meetings and pictures of members' cars.

Citroen Specials Club For people who run any kit or special on Citroen mechanics. Also accepts people who own non-Citroen vehicles of similar construction. Has information about members worldwide, details of cars that use Citroen donor parts and news of events. There are classifieds and a discussion forum.

Clan Owners Club Site for club formerly dubbed the Clan Crusader Club. Site has details of news, a register, owners' cars and classifieds.

Club Lotus The first and largest Lotus club, the site states. There are details of national events and area meetings. A news section includes updates on club activities and Lotus motorsport and road car news. There is a club shop with Lotus related items for sale.

Covin Owners Club Site for enthusiasts of the Covin marque - a Porsche 911 replica. Has details of events and technical help and there is also a technical forum.There is an owners' picture gallery and Covin build pictures.

New Davrian Register Site has Davrian news with details of events and motorsports activities. There is a history of the Davrian marque and Darrian news too. A second website is appropriately called the New Davrian Register Second Website

Dax Sporting Club Site for enthusiasts of Dax vehicles. Includes a discussion forum and members area. Has news of events, build information and membership details. Also includes classified adverts with Dax cars for sale.

Die Deutschen Klassiker The club celebrates classic Porsche sports cars and their replicas. This site says owners of 356, 911 (pre 1973), 912 and 914 Porsches and replica Porsches are welcome. It contains a discussion forum, news and details of how to join.

DNA Owners Club Website for enthusiasts of the DNA range of replica Italian cars. Has forum threads on various models with posts from builders and owners.

Dutton Owners Club Has details of the Dutton range and history of the cars that once dominated the UK market. There is a section on each model - such as the Mantis, B-Type, B-Plus, Phaeton, Melos, Sierra, and Beneto. There are FAQs and also help in finding Dutton parts.

Eagle Owners Club This site has details of a club for enthusiasts of the Eagle range of vehicles. Models profiled include the SS, RV and P21. Includes pictures of each model with details of history and production.

Eagle Owners Club Forum Separate forum website for Eagle enthusiasts.

East Anglian Kit Car Club Club for owners of all kit cars in the East Anglia region of England. Site has details of news, forums, classifieds, meetings and members' cars.

East Anglian Tiger Owners Club For Tiger and ERA owners from Essex to Lincolnshire. Site has details about the club, events and how to join. There is information about different models in the Tiger range, a buying guide with tips on how to purchase a used Tiger kit car, an events diary and lots of pictures of members' cars.

Essex Kit Car Club Multi-marque club open to people from Essex and further afield. Site has details of meetings and membership details.

Extreme Owners Club Forum-based website for enthusiasts of the Extreme range of cars, many of them body kits. These include lookalike Ferrari and replica Lamborghini vehicles. Posts are listed in a variety of categories - some by type of vehicle, while others are for events, news and classifieds.

GBS Owners Club This is a discussion forum website for GBS / Great British Sports Cars enthusiasts. The site operates in conjunction with the GBS official website. Has various threads relating to building and driving the GBS Zero.

The Gentry Register Site has details of the history of the Gentry, a vehicle inspired by classic MG TF cars, club information and a forum.

Gilbern Owners Club This club has been going since 1969. Gilberns were made in Wales from the late 1950s and models included the Gilbern GT, the Genie and the Invader.

Ginetta Owners Club Site for enthusiasts of all Ginetta and Dare models. Has information about the vehicles, company history, racing, news, events and clasifieds. The Ginetta Owners Club Speed Championship is a hill climb and sprint series run for club members. Site has a model index that lists all Ginettas produced since 1958.

GT40 Enthusiasts Club Members include owners of original Ford GT40 cars and kit replicas. Site has details of GT40 history and technical specifications. The club publishes a quarterly magazine and the site also has news of events, meetings and contacts.

GTM Owners Club Site has information about GTM history, events and how to join.

GTM Owners Club Forum This is a separate forum website for GTM owners. Has model specific forums that include cars such as the Cox/Coupe, Libra, Spyder, Rossa and K3.

Hawke Owners Club Site is for fans of the Hawke Morgan-inspired kit car. Has details of events, build diaries, hints and tips, a forum and classifieds. The site has a gallery with lots of pictures of members' vehicles.

Healy Enigma Club Club for enthusiasts of the Austin Healey inspired Healy Enigma, which is based on Mazda MX-5 donors

Jeremy Phillips Sportscars Club - JPSC Club for enthusiasts of cars designed by Jeremy Phillips. Models covered include the Star, Leader, Striker, Phoenix, Fury, Stylus, Jester, Mojo, Riot and J15. Site has details of the club newsletter, meetings and overseas trips. Includes links to present manufacturers of vehicles. There is also an active discussion forum.

Jago Owners Club Has details about the Jago models the Geep/Sandero, Samurai and Model T. There is background information about the marque, technical help, details of events and photos of owners' cars. Also included is a discussion forum.

Jaguar Enthusiasts Club Worldwide Jaguar club. Has information about meetings and events in the UK and overseas. There is a discussion forum and news stories.

JBA Owners Club Site for followers of the range of JBA cars. Has sections for JBA models, build pages, suppliers, paintwork, ownership stories, history, archives and links. Also has cars for sale and advice on buying used JBA cars.

Kent Kit Car Club This club has been running since 1989 and the site has details of its history and activities. There is information about regular meetings. The site has an A to Z list of kit cars within the club, with lots of pictures.

KitNet Online kit car club open to individuals and clubs. Site includes a discussion forum.

Latham Sports Register Site is for owners of the rare Latham F2 Super Sports car. The car was produced in small numbers in the 1980s with only 26 chassis manufactured, the site says. Has details of Latham F2 history, a register, technical and parts information and cars for sale.

locostbuilders.co.uk Discussion forum for Locost enthusiasts with lots of topics to chat about - from building to driving the cars.


Locust Enthusiasts Club This club is for anyone interested in the Locust, a Seven-inspired car built up using plywood or MDF body construction and generally Ford or Triumph based. Site has details of members' cars and there is a knowledge base section with lots of technical articles. Also includes events information.

Lotus Seven Club Club dedicated to Lotus and Caterham Sevens. Has details of club activities and describes the group's monthly magazine.

Lotus 7 Register The register is for Lotus Seven models of Series 1 to 4 produced from 1957 to 1973. Site has a specification guide to the models and in-depth advice on what to look for when buying a Seven. Each series has a separate section dedicated to its history and technical details.

Marlin Owners Club Site is for enthusiasts of Marlin cars. Has details of club activities, how to join and club history. There is information about each model - including the 5EXi, Sportster, Berlinetta and Cabrio. There is also a discussion forum.

MEV Owners Group Website is for enthusiasts of the MEV range of kit cars. Includes an active discussion forum with topics that range from technical matters to events reports. Members can also post pictures and information about their cars. Newsletters from MEV are also posted.

Midas Owners Club Club for followers of Midas kit cars - which have been in production for decades. Site has advice on buying a used Midas, history of the Midas marque, club information and a downloads section that includes build manuals.

Minari Owners Register Site has information about the Minari kit car - an Alfa-based two-seat sports car. There are hints and tips, pictures and details of events. Includes information about the development of the Minari and its specifications.

Mini Marcos Owners Club Club for Mini Marcos, Mini Jem and Kingfisher Sprint owners. Site has information about spares, events and publications plus the story of the Mini Dart, from which the other cars were born. There are details of the cars, including original publicity photos. The site also includes a discussion forum.

Mongrels Car Club Lincoln Site for a club that welcomes owners of kit cars, American vehicles, custom cars and specials. Club has no membership fees or committee. Site has details of monthly meet-ups held near Lincoln. Includes lots of pictures of owners' vehicles. And there are reports from shows attended.

Mosquito and Triad Register This site celebrates the Mini based three wheelers produced under the Mosquito and Triad names. Their history is explained in detail - so the site also features Trimin and Greenwood Special cars. The site acts as a register to record surviving cars.

Muddy Buggies Site set up by a Freestyle buggy enthusiast as a resource for owners and also other enthusiasts of similar buggies and quads. Includes an active forum with lots of topics including technical matters. There is a build diaries section and lots of photos and videos.

NG Owners Club Club was set up in 1981, according to the site, and there are details about the history both of it and the NG marque. The site has technical data, members' build up stories, many pictures and cars for sale among its sections. An articles section contains guides to carrying out build tasks.

nise7ens Site has details of this internet based club for fans of Lotus Seven inspired cars which also has monthly meetings in Northern Ireland. There are photos of members' cars with specifications. Also included is news, technical information and an events diary.

North East Kit and Classic Car Club Club used to be the North East Kit Car Club - and is now open to drivers of classic and alternative vehicles. Site has details of meetings and members' build stories.

Northern Roadsters This club in the north of England has many motorsports enthusiasts among its members - competing in a variety of events from hill climbs to auto cross. Many of the cars belonging to them are Lotus Seven inspired vehicles. Site has details of events and meetings.

Pembletons Are Go! Website for Pembleton enthusiasts which has a regular online newsletter and forum. Includes pictures of dozens of owners' cars.

Quantum Owners Club Site has details of this club for owners of Quantum kit cars. Includes information about members' benefits such as reduced insurance, discounts from selected suppliers and events and tours. There are profiles of the range of Quantum vehicles, with pictures and specifications.

Rickman Cars Owners Club For owners of Rickman Ranger and Metisse models, this site has details of club and marque history plus details of events. Includes pictures of members' cars and photos of events. There is information about how to join the club and a section for club merchandise.

Roadrunner Racing Owners Club Facebook page for enthusiasts of the Roadrunner Racing marque. The company produces the SR2 Seven inspired car and the SR1 single seat race inspired car. There are details of club activities, owners' cars and build updates.

Robin Hood Owners Club and Register This group caters for Robin Hood enthusiasts. The website has details of activities that include an annual trip to the Le Mans 24 hour race. An active discussion forum is on the site, with a number of sections for different topics including various technical issues. Pictures of members' vehicles are also posted

Ronart Drivers' Club Site has background details about both the club and the Ronart marque. There is information about the 1950s racer-inspired W152 and the Lightning, a shortlived modern supercar. A hints and tips section includes advice on various technical issues. And there is a photo gallery with lots of pictures of Ronart cars

Scamp Owners Club The originally Mini based and now also Suzuki and Daihatsu donored Moke type vehicle is the subject of this site. There is some Scamp history from 1969 onwards and there are pictures, contacts and details of events. Site has pictures of Scamps in action on and off road.

Scottish Kit Car Club Facebook page with details of the Scottish Kit Car Club, its members, their cars and activities. Another site for the Scottish Kit Car Club

Sebring Owners Club Club for drivers and enthusiasts of the range of Sebring Austin Healey inspired kits. Has details of a newsletter, photos, news and events information.

The Se7ens Mailing List Subscription based mailing list open to enthusiasts of any of the Lotus Seven derivatives. Site has details of various mailing lists operated as well as information about readers' cars, events and build-ups.

Shropshire Alternative Car Club Informal club with no committee structure. Site has details of activities and meetings. Events listed include hill climbs, kit car shows and track days. There is a members' photo gallery with pictures of owners' cars.

Southern Dune Buggy Club Club for beach / dune buggy enthusiasts in the south of England. Site has details of regular meetings and details of UK buggy manufacturers. There is a huge picture section with photos of hundreds of members' cars

South Wales Kit and Specialist Car Club Multi-marque club for kit car enthusiasts in south Wales. Has details of events, members' cars, classifieds and articles. There is a photo section with shots of owners' vehicles. And the site has a For Sale page where members can sell parts and cars.

Spartan Owners Club This site has details of the owners' club for the Spartan tradionally-styled roadster. Has information about committee members and contacts. Also includes details of events, hints and tips, pictures and members' cars.

Stratos Enthusiasts Club Formerly the Stratos Replica Club, this group is for anyone with an interest in original and replica Lancia Stratos cars. Has details of the vehicles and club activities. Also included is a discussion forum and photo gallery. A club shop sells merchandise. There is a section which has details of current replicas, with links to manufacturer websites.

Sussex Kit Car Club Multi-marque club for kit car enthusiasts in Sussex. Has details of monthly meetings and events attended. Includes picture profiles of members' cars and there is a members' build section with detailed build diaries. And there is a page with details of local trade suppliers.

Southern Kit Car Club Multi-marque club for kit car followers and owners in the south east of England. Website contains detailed reports from a number of events and meetings. There is an events calendar and an active discussion forum.

Teal Cars This site is dedicated to the range of Bugatti inspired cars that were produced by Teal. Has information about how people can join the Teal Owners' Club, its activities and meetings. Includes sections on various Teal models, technical information, Teal history, builds and news updates.

Team GTM Online based club comprised of GTM drivers and enthusiasts. Site has details of a range of events, merchandise, classifieds and a discussion forum. Includes galleries of photos showing GTMs in action.

Tiger Owners Club This website says it offers support to all Tiger builders - and to those who want to race in the Tiger Racing Series. There is an active discussion forum which allows members to discuss all aspects of building and driving a Tiger kit car. Also has a downloads page with links to technical articles.

UVA Fugitives Owners Site For UVA Fugitive sandrail/dune buggy owners and owners of other UVA models. The site includes pages dedicated to the history of the UVA marque. There is also a forum.

Westfield Sports Car Club Provides information for Westfield enthusiasts with details of events and local club meetings. The WSCC Speed Series of sprints and hillclimbs is described. Also posted are videos of Westfields in action at track days, hill climbs and on the road.

Westfield Sports Car Club - Black Country Area Site for Westfield enthusiasts in the Black Country area of the West Midlands. Has details of events, meetings and a picture gallery of cars.

Wildcat Owners Club This UK based club has members worldwide for enthusiasts of the JPR Wildcat - a Jaguar E-Type lookalike based on Ford Cortina, Sierra or Jaguar XJ6 running gear. There are details of cars for sale, pictures of events attended and specifications that list the features of the Wildcat. Also posted is a scan of the original factory brochure.