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2rike Sports Trike


The 2rike is a motorcycle based sports trike.

It utilises the Yamaha R1 superbike as a donor.

Website has details of:

  • prototype development
  • kit production
  • body kits and prices

Drivers of up to six feet tall can be accommodated by the vehicle.

Builders can return the bike back to its original use if they keep the forks and front wheel, the company's Facebook page says.

The build process is described by saying: "Easy build. Basically remove the bike front wheel and forks and bolt into the 2rike frame, extend the wiring harness and relocate the switchgear and clocks.

"By using the bike frame and engine it will retain its original number plate.

"Fully road legal with low cost motorcycle road tax."

Location: Yorkshire

Facebook page:

link updated: May 22, 2022