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Company offers kits and fully built road legal buggies for on and off road use as well as a range of karts.

Parts and accessorites for all the vehicles offered are also sold.

Models available include

  • Ripster 200cc
  • Renegade in 300cc and 450cc Subaru versions
  • Renegade road-going buggy
  • Segway Villain road-legal buggy
  • Vigilante self-build range

As well as its own kits, the company sells imported ready-to-drive all terrain vehicles.

Vigilante kits are offered in various stages - including chassis-only, rolling chassis and full kit with engine.

And Blitzworld also provides a repair service as well as MOTs and services.

Location: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

link updated: June 25, 2022