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Caterham manufactures the iconic Seven range of sports cars.

The company took over the marque from its origins under Lotus and now has a wide range of vehicles with different performance options.

Caterham's website includes a section dedicated to self assembly cars. It describes how buyers are sent the chassis, engine, gearbox and boxed components by the company - along with the assembly guide.

At time of writing kits are available for the following models: 

  • Seven 170 - which features a 660cc Suzuki turbocharged engine
  • Seven 360 - powered by a 2.0 litre Ford Duratec unit
  • Seven 420 - which also uses a Duratec engine
  • Academy Race Package
  • 420 R Race Package

Visitors can use the site's car configure tool and there are also videos posted - including one of the Top Gear magazine team assembling a car from a kit, in the publication's office.

Location: Crawley Sussex

Self assembly section:

link updated: June 29, 2022