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Fury Sportscars


Manufacturer of the Fury sports car - originally the Fisher Fury, which is produced in Classic and Spyder versions.

The company offers kits, build services and fully built turnkey cars. Parts are also available for owners of existing vehicles.

Website has details about the car's design, chassis construction and bodywork.

The Spyder body has no doors. The Classic body tub, with doors, is said by the website at time of writing to be currently out of production.

There are details of engine options - which include Ford Crossflow, Zetec and Duratec units. Rover V8 engines can also be fitted after modification work to the chassis. Motorcycle engines are also an option.

Location: Cranbrook, Kent

Build manual:

(the manual is in a viewer on the above webpage on the Fury website: visitors can download the manual from a button on the viewer or read it on the website)

link updated: July 17, 2022