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MK Sportscars


Manufacturer of a range of Lotus Seven inspired road and track sports cars.

Company also now produces cars designed by Jeremy Phillips - the Striker and Phoenix.

The Fulcrum is another vehicle which is based on the Striker chassis with an enclosed body and is aimed at competing in GT events.

Cars produced include:

  • Indy RX-5 single donor car based on Mazda MX-5
  • Indy RX-5 MC motorcycle engined car
  • Indy RX-5 RR
  • Indy R
  • Indy RR high performance car
  • Indy Classic
  • Striker
  • Phoenix
  • Fulcrum

Website has details of kits and specifications. Fully built cars are available.


Location: Braintree, Essex

link updated: August 8, 2022