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Enthusiasts' homepages in the USA & Canada.

Welcome to the links to websites for kit car enthusiasts' homepages in the USA & Canada.

These websites are a great source of information.

For newcomers to the kit car scene, reading a build diary can help show what is involved in putting together a kit car.

Many kit car enthusiasts have posted extremely detailed diaries of their projects.

Some have hundreds of photographs, extensive cost breakdowns, information about problems and pitfalls and articles about how their finished car drives.

Other websites featured here are dedicated to kit cars from the past - from buggies to exoticars.

Factory Five Racing - GTM Supercar

Edgemans Gen 2 GTM Build Site FFR GTM Gen 2 build website. Car uses a 6.2 litre small block V8 engine.

Factory Five GTM Build Log Build diary for a 1999 C5 Corvette based FFR GTM project. Lots of photos and text showing each stage.

GTMbuild.com Factory Five Racing GTM resource site with links to pictures of a number of build projects.

Super Car Build Blog website with details of a Factory Five Racing GTM build project. Lots of entries and updates showing the construction.

Factory Five Racing - Hot Rod

Jack's 33 Hot Rod Build Factory Five Racing Hot Rod build website. Has blog entries that chart the various construction stages. Lots of pictures.

Nick's 33 Hot Rod Spot Factory Five Racing Hot Rod build website with updates and photos of the construction process.

Factory Five Racing Type 65 - Daytona Coupe inspired kit car

The Factory Five Type 65 - Building the Beast Blog website with numerous posts including pictures that chart the build of a Factory Five Racing Type 65 Coupe

My Coupe Site with details of an FFR Type 65 Coupe build project

Type 65 Coupe Build Online blog with posts about the construction of a Factory Five Racing Type 65 Coupe

Factory Five Racing - Roadsters (Cobra inspired)

Carl's Mk 4 Roadster Build Blog website with lots of entries detailing progress on a Factory Five Racing Mk 4 project

The Chevycobra Website Chevy-powered Factory Five Racing Mk III.

Cobra Fun Factory Five Racing build site which includes pictures of the vehicle during the construction process and on the road.

Evan's Factory Five Build Site Includes pictures and text of the donor 1988 Mustang LX being stripped of its parts, preparation work and a detailed costs breakdown.

Factory Five Roadster MkIII - Jens's Build Blog Detailed build blog which includes pictures and text - from attending a Factory Five Racing build school prior to the project onwards.

FFR # 7347 Build Page with a breakdown of the time and costs involved in an FFR Roadster build.

JARRETTRACING.CA - Build Diary/Factory Five's Mark II Roadster Vancouver FFR Roadster builder's blog build diary showing construction of his vehicle.

John's FFR Cobra Build Page Month-by-month journal of a Factory Five Racing Cobra inspired replica build up with captioned pictures. Car is based on a 1989 Mustang

Jon's F5 Roadster Project Build diary for a Factory Five Racing Roadster completed in New Jersey. Site has entries with regular updates.

KD's FFR Roadster Build Blog format build diary for a Factory Five Racing Roadster build. Includes information on registration in Montana. Author went on to buy another FFR Roadster and site has details about restoration work.

McMicking Cobra Build Site Build diary in blog form for a Canadian FFR Roadster project which took two years to finish. Has lots of posts and pictures during and after completion.

Mike's Mk IV Roadster Build Project Blog based build diary for a Factory Five Racing Roadster build from a New Jersey enthusiast. Lots of posts up to and including registration.

My427SC.com FFR Roadster build site. Includes a breakdown of all parts used, where each was purchased from, as well the make and cost of the item fitted.

Stangnut Factory Five Racing Roadster build site with daily logs of progress made.

Wade's Cobra Site Factory Five Racing build. Has lots of photos, text descriptions and details of the car's progress and upgrades after hitting the road. Also included are details of a previous Bugatti replica kit car built by the author in the 1970s.

William and Laurel's Cobra Project Page Factory Five Racing build - includes descriptions of the donor purchase - a 1990 Mustang LX - through every stage of assembly of the car.

Cobras - non Factory Five Racing homepages: 

Cobra Project Page Cobra replica build up site of an Antique and Collectible model posted by a New Jersey private detective.

RAW's Pages This site contains a very detailed build diary about an RUCC kit project from start to finish.

Replicas - Lamborghini

Lambobuilder.com Site tells the story of three separate Lamborghini replica builds: a Diablo Roadster on a Fiero chassis, a Diablo 6.0 on a handbuilt chassis and a Diablo SV lookalike, on a modified Fiero chassis.

Lamborghini Countach Replica Blog Describes the running and ownership of a replica Lamborghini Countach. Includes pictures and descriptions of events attended.

Replicas - Hummer

Hummer Works Site with details of a 4x4 Bodies/Urban Gorilla Hummer replica build.

Tad's Hummbug Hummbug build site. Has details of the project's inception and construction of the VW based Hummer inspired car.

Replicas - others

JaguarJoe.com Has pictures of its author's 1939 Jaguar SS100 replica. Dubbed The Duke, it took three years to build and has won a string of awards. Site also includes information about the Magnolia Route from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Chicago Highway.

Lotus Seven Inspired

My BRG Westfield Se7en Build Blog site with lots of posts describing the build of a Westfield based on a Mazda Miata.

Project Seven Locost build based on a CMC kit. There are detailed sections describing the build process, updates and specifications. The car originally featured a Toyota 4AGE engine, now replaced by a Yamaha R1 unit..

Westfield Car Build - Part Deux Blog site that shows the restoration of a crash damaged 1994 Westfield SE.

A Texas Locost Site tells the story of a Texas furniture maker's Locost build. Has details of the construction from the chassis up.

Buggies and Sandrails

Boon Duggy Site has details of a four-seat 1500cc Dune Buggy bought and then stripped down and built again by its sandrail enthusiast owner.


Ultima Can-Am Detailed site which covers an Ultima Can-Am build. Has monthly updates of the build progress plus information on specific aspects of the construction such as exterior, interior, engine and supsension work.


6 Speed Bradley GT2 Site with details of various Bradley GT resources. Includes lists of owners with contact details and links to forums and club sites. Also includes information about the author's own Bradley GTII with details of modifications carried out.

BradleyGT2.com Enthusiast's page with details of his own Bradley GTII build project. Site includes a section on the Bradley's construction manual, details of 1970s Bradley brochures and links to other Bradley sites.

Eagle GT This is dedicated to the Eagle GT - a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS inspired kit car based on the Porsche 914. Has detailed history about the marque, copies of original publicity and pictures of the car's components and construction.

Geostar Systems Site has a build diary of a BugE electric vehicle. The single seat three wheeler is designed for city use. There are pictures of the construction process and the finished car. Also posted are details of other electric vehicles, including a three-hub motor tricycle.

kellisoncars.com Site dedicated to the Kellison kit range with details of the vehicles, information about a Kellison register and pictures. Includes a technical section and others dedicated to publications, manuals and videos.

Sterling Central Dedicated to the Sterling VW Beetle based exotic kit. Originating in the UK as the Nova, it enjoyed further success in the USA. The site chronicles history and development (it has been in production under a number of names around the world), shows original brochures, and describes unique features such as the canopy roof.

Super 7esque: Dutton Melos This is a page about a Dutton Melos which had made it as far as Mobile, Alabama, from its original home in the UK. Has pictures and details about the vehicle.

Trihawk Site dedicated to the Trihawk three-wheeler. It features history about the California-developed front wheel drive vehicle. The trike is a Citroen GSA based vehicle.