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Kit car media - magazines, videos, books, apps - USA and Canda

Welcome to the links to websites for kit car magazine, book and video websites in the USA & Canada.

Lots of specialist publications exist that are of interest for kit car enthusiasts.

Some cover kit cars themselves, others are dedicated to donor vehicles such as VWs.

Publishers have also produced CD-Roms with build manuals for enthusiasts to follow.

And there are phone apps with kit car related content


Dune Buggies and Hot VWs Magazine for fans of dune buggies and modified VW Beetles. There is a preview of each month's current issue, subscription details, back issues and merchandise. Site has pictures showing current articles as they appear in print.

ReinCarNation Magazine for "continuation, replica and low volume automobiles" which includes many articles from the kit car world. Has both print and online versions. Website includes a number of different sections with reviews, classifieds, building information and news.

Sand Sports This magazine is dedicated to buggies, ATVs 4x4s, sandboards, Jeeps and any other vehicles that go off-road and take to sandy surfaces. There are details of the current issue, back issues and contacts.


Motorbooks Online retailer of a wide range of motoring books. These range from individual car guides to manuals, how-to technical books and motoring history books. Includes sections on repairing, restoration and has books on engines and other components.