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USA and Canada Kit Car Manufacturers

Welcome to the links to websites from kit car manuacturers in the USA and Canada

See below for a list of links to their websites.

There is a huge range of different kit cars available on the north American market - from truck conversions to Cobra inspired cars, lightweight sports cars and buggies.


Pictured above left: UK Kit Car Manufacturer Guide. Now available on Kindle.


Aldino Car Company The Aldino K/O is a Fiero based exoticar

Ardern Cars The Active Power GT is a Ford GT40 replica.

American Speed Company The Speed33 is a recreation of the 1933 Ford Roadster.

American Street Rod Street rod manufacturer. Models include '37 Roadster, '37 Coupe, '32 Coupe, '32 Roadster and '41 Willys.

Antique & Collectible Autos Wide range of street rods and replicas. Cars featured include: Ford, Willys and Chevy recreations.

Auburn Speedster JR The Auburn Speedster Jr is a tradtionally styled roadster - in the shape of an adult sized pedal car with optional electric power.

Backdraft Racing Cobra replicas offered in turnkey-minus form.

Be Bop's Glass Works Range of body parts and kits for custom, street rod and restoration projects, pedal cars and trailer kits.


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Beck 904 The Beck 904 is a Porsche 904 replica by Chuck Beck with a tubular chassis

Berrien Buggy Dune buggy and sandrail manufacturer.

BGW Spectre Rod kits and custom components for VW Beetles.

Birkin Direct USA USA and Canada sales outlet for the Birkin range of Lotus Seven inspired cars.

Blue Sky Design Maker of the electric BugE commuter trike.

Brookville Roadster Reproduction 1928-32 Ford bodies and parts.

Brunton Auto Maker of the Stalker range of Lotus Seven inspired kit cars

California Custom Roadsters T-Roadster bodies, chassis and parts as well as Model A frames and chassis.

CapeFear7 The CapeFear7 is a single donor Lotus Seven inspired kit car based on the Locost concept.

The Car Factory The ETV - or Extra Terrestrial Vehicle - is a futuristic custom built car. Also body kits for cars including Porsches

Caterham US website for the Caterham marque. Has details of the Seven range and dealers.

Auto Parts Geek - Online seller of New, OEM and aftermarket auto parts and accessories.

Cheetah Evolution The Cheetah Evolution is a Cheetah inspired car with retro street rod influences.

Cobras N Vettes The Cobray C-3 is a Cobra inspired car that uses a single donor Corvette base.

Commuter Cars The electric Tango is an ultra-narrow car.

CY Productions The Futura II is a Batmobile inspired vehicle available in kit form.

DDR Motorsport Range of kit car supercars including GT8, GTSS and GT4 models.

Dearborn Deuce The Dearborn Deuce is an all steel 1932 Roadster with retractable top.

Deco Rides Boattail and 1939 Zephyr kit cars.

Delahaye USA Kits inspired by Type 57 Bugatti and Auburn Boattail Speedster.

DF Kit Car The DF Goblin is a Chevrolet Cobalt single-donor based sports car. Goblin A/T is an all-terrain model.

Dove Racing Exoskeletal high performance cars such as: the Rocket Classic, Rocket 2, TR1KE, Exobusa and Exotech.

Dragon Motor Cars The Dragon Roadster is a lightweight sportscar with 1950s/60s design influences

Dune Buggy Plans Plans for two and four seat dune buggies.


EasyRods Cars inspired by 1949 to 51 Fords and 1957 Belaros.

EM Motors EM578 Le Mans racer inspired car.

Enigma Cars USA The Healy Enigma is an Austin Healey inspired body conversion for the Mazda Miata.

Era Replica Automobiles Three Cobra replica models - the 289 FIA, Slabside and the 427.

Everett-Morrison 1966 427 Cobra replicas - current model is Generation IV

Factory Five wide range of cars including Cobra inspired MK4 Roadster and 289, '33 Hot Rod, Type 65 Coupe, GTM Supercar, 818 Sports Car.

Fastcraft Motorsport Firm supplies the MNR range of sports cars in the USA, including the VortX RT - a Seven inspired car.

Fiberfab US The Valkyrie is a Ford GT40 inspired car.

Gotham Cruisers Batmobile inspired kits which include the 1966 Cruiser and Gotham Cycle and 1989 Cruiser.

Hurricane Motorsports Hurricane 427 Roadster Cobra replica and 427 Street, with under-car exhaust

JBL Motorsports The JBL Roadster is a Cobra inspired car in Touring and Competition versions - plus a Coupe.

Kirkham Motorsports Aluminium bodied Cobra replicas in 427, 289 and Coupe formats.

Last Refuge Hotrod 28-29 pickup packages and options for frames and chassis

Lesher Motorsports Daytona Coupe replica.

Lil Big Rig Kits that give everyday pickups the look of a big rig truck. Models include the Lil Pete and Lil Kenny

MEKK Autoworks Frames to replace traditional VW chassis in kit cars that use a VW chassis donor vehicle.

Meyers Manx Site promotes the range of Bruce Meyers Manx dune buggies

Mongoose Motorsports Maker of the Corvette inspired Mongoose Grand Sport and the GTP, an enclosed body GT type car.

Outlaw Performance Street rod kits including 1932 and 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe and 1934 Roadster models, 1934-35 Chevy 3-Window Coupe, 1934 Chevy Sedan and Sedan Delivery, and 1940 to 41 Willys Coupe.

PISA - The Fiero HQ Pontiac Fiero rebody kits. Models include the Artero, Jalapeño, Scorpion, XTC/gt, and ZR-2.

Powersport The California Custom is a retro-styled body conversion for Thunderbird donors

Project Diablo Supercar replica body plans

Prototype Research & Development Replicas including Auburn, MG TD, 1934 Mercedes, 1937 Cord and 1955 + 57 Chevy kits.

Rat's Glass Street rods - now made by Factory Five

Ravon Street Rods Sreet rod kits such as 1932 and 1934 Fords - Roadsters and Coupes

RCR- Race Car Replicas RCR makes a range of classic race car replica kit cars - many inspired by racers such as Ford GT40, Lola, Jaguar and Porsche models

Rock West Racing Classic Porsche replicas.

Rodster Street Rods Range of Rodster street rod kits on Chevy S-10 pickup donors

Rootlieb Model T Speedster kit.

Rowley Corvette The Rowley GTC is a Corvette based car inspired by the Ferrari Daytona.

ScottRods Body-chassis packages for street rods, show cars and nostalgia drag racers. Models featured include Willys, Ford and Corvette replicas.

Shadow Rods XL-27 street rod

Shell Valley Classic Wheels Replicas such as 427 SC Cobra, 1963 Cheetah, "A" Roadster Hot Rod, Jaguar C-Type, 1964 Daytona Coupe and Jeep.

Smyth Performance Manufacturer of car to truck conversion kits for models that include VW Beetle, Golf / Jetta, Audi A4/S4, Dodge Charger, Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Impreza

SO-CAL Speedshop Hot rod parts and accessories specialist. Offers frames and bodies for a range of vehicles including Hi-Boy Roadster and 1932 and 1928 to 1929 Brookville Roadster.

Special Edition Classic Porsche replicas including the Beck Speedster, Spyder, GTS and Super Coupe models.

Speedway Motors Speedway Tribute T-Bucket kit.

Spirit Cars Street rod kits for 23 T-Bucket, 27 T-Bucket, 1923 C-Cab, 28-29 Model A Coupe, Sedan and Sedan Delivery, 32 three and five-window Ford Coupe, 34 three-window Ford Coupe

Struck Corporation Company offers a number of kit projects for mini bulldozers and trackloaders

Superior Glass Works Large range of street rod and race bodies and chassis including Ford, Chevy and Willys bodies

Superformance Supplier of authentic "continuation" models of cars such as Shelby, GT40, Daytona Coupe and Corvette

Superlite Performance kit cars: the SL-C, with supercar influenced styling, also available in Le Mans open top form. The GT-R is Ford GT40 inspired. The MOAB is an off-roader.

Super Stepside Super Stepside Sport Truck - pickup truck

Texas Buggys Dune buggy manufacturer.

Thunder Ranch Porsche replicas. Company no longer trades, site says, but its assets are now owned by Rock West Racing

Triton Trikes The Triton Trike is a three-wheeler based on Saturn S running gear.

Ultimate Classic Cars Company produces the GT-427 Cobra-inspired kit car

Unique Motorcars Cobra 289 and 427 replicas

Urban Gorilla / 4x4 Bodies Urban Gorilla range of Hummer inspired vehicles on SUV or pick up donors.

Wombat The Wombat is a VW Beetle based Hummer-inspired kit car.

Xanthos The Xanthos 23 Sports Racer is a street-going Lotus 23 inspired kit car.

ZTrix Datsun Z Car specialist that offers Ferrari inspired rebody kits such as the Velo Rossa and Daytona ZX.