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USA and Canada - miscellaneous websites

Welcome to the links to miscellaneous kit car websites in the USA & Canada.

These websites may not fit in to one of the main categories listed elsewhere on Kit Car Links.

But many of them are still of great interest to kit car builders and drivers.

Among them are race schools, kit car hire companies and also kit car build schools - where people can learn how to put their vehicle together.

Trade websites

Electro Automotive Site for electric vehicle conversion company whose projects have included an Aztec kit car conversion, which is pictured here. Also shown is an electric Bradley. There are details about other electric vehicles, or EVs, and information on how to carry out conversions yourself. Location: Felton, CA

Used Motor Oil Collection and Recycling Site run by American Petroleum Institute which says that two gallons of recycled engine oil generate enough household electricity to run a home for 24 hours. Describes the benefits of recycling and points out collection areas and how to dispose of oil.

Motorsport and Build Schools

Factory Five Challenge Series Racing Site has details of a series of racing events across the USA featuring Factory Five Racing Roadsters. There are details of events, requirements and how to get started as well as sections showcasing races with results, news and other updates.

Racing Adventures Company offers a variety of race driving schools for motorsport enthusiasts. Site has details of a variety of locations across the USA and Canada and there are profiles of the race tracks used. The schools use replica Cobras for tuition, as well as a range of supercars.