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Kit Car Links - webmasters' page

This is a page set aside for webmasters who are visiting the site.

You may want to find out how to get listed at Kit Car Links.

If you run a commercial website you may be interested in advertising on Kit Car Links.

If you run a private website you may be interested in reading about some of the resources Kit Car Links uses to see if they would suit your own site.

How to get listed. It's easy. Just send an email - go to the contact page for this. You can also read about the site and its policies on the About Kit Car Links page.


Advertising: Kit Car Links is a great place to advertise your kit car related business. Each week thousands of people come here looking for kit cars and related products to buy. These are real people, with real money, looking to spend it on your products. For details visit the advertising page.


Resources: Kit Car Links uses a number of resources, many of which are suitable for other websites. The site uses detailed stats from Statcounter - which offers a great free service to track visitors as they travel through your website. Time spent, entry and exit pages, referring URLs and much more are offered.


Kit Car Links is hosted by Bravenet. Bravenet supplies lots of webmaster freebies and a hosting package that includes lots of space and an easy-to-use online uploading system.